SFT Tapping Protocols


Tapping itself was discovered by observing aborigines in the outback of Australia.  Whenever they injured themselves, they would tap the area of the injury and then tap their head.  This would tell the brain that this injury is high priority.

The brain is working all the time to fix all the systems of the body.  The taps are a means to bypass the waiting list of the brain and have what you focus on consciously become the highest priority.  The tapping protocol Jen uses not only addresses physical and emotional issues but mental issues as well.  Whatever is stored in the DNA and the energy system of the body can be changed.

The tapping is also a way to bypass the discretion of the ego.  People can repeat affirmations until they are blue in the face.  But as they say them, the ego is arguing with them the whole time, pulling up references to refute the truth of the affirmation.  In a way, this entrenches an issue even further.  The taps, and the way they are worded, are a means to accessing the psyche beyond the ego’s scrutiny.

By releasing all one’s negative connections with any person, place, thing, or belief, one can release all associated energy imbalances.  All that remains is benevolence and goodwill which is a conduit for deeper interconnections.

SFT stands for Spiritual Freedom Technique.  It is one thing to overcome emotional triggers and sabotages.  But Jen’s revolutionary protocols allow the individual to overcome all limitations of conditioning, limited belief systems, fear-based reactions and over thinking, and all self-sabotages instigated by the mind.

Download the SFT Protocols:
Click here to access the Energetic Cleanse Protocol
Click here to access the Peanut Butter and Jelly Protocol
Click here to access the Expunging Negativity Protocol
Click here to access the Positive Protocol

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