Transcending All Curses: A Private Session

This one client came to me and all I could see inwardly was a huge festering wound. There were no past life imagery or any Akashic records to read. Just this huge festering wound. I did not know why the person wanted a session. So I told her what I saw.

After I mentioned the wound, I saw one past life image of her in a biker jacket doubled over by the side of the road in gut wrenching pain. I shared with her what I saw. She said that she knew she had killed her brother in a past life. She didn’t tell me then, but she was afraid that she would be responsible for the harm of another love on in this life. It was then that her Akashic records opened up to me.

I saw layers and layers of her being responsible for the demise of a loved one lifetime after lifetime. She said she had felt that she was cursed. I followed back the layers of lifetimes to the one that initiated the pattern in herself that she dreaded. I saw what had started the pattern. She was indeed cursed.

A curse is merely someone with a strong intention inflicting their intention on your life and derailing your organic intention. In a distant life, she was a very poor peasant who attempted to steal grain from the local reserve. The pharaoh’s son tried to stop her and she inadvertently killed him.  This enraged his father and so the father ordered his high priests to curse the peasant throughout all his lifetimes.

She had felt this curse on her. The curse would be lifted if she could love the Pharoah’s son as her own. As I tuned in, it became evident that one of her sons in this lifetime was hers in that lifetime and the other one, was the Pharoah’s son. She did indeed love the Pharoah’s son as her own. Also, what was interesting is that she had a very cantankerous relationship with one of her son’s father; her ex-husband. The ex-husband was the Pharoah who had put the original curse on her those many lifetimes ago. The woman was visibly giddy when we unburdened her of all of this.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We heal all those that I have harmed; in all moments

We rectify all past transgressions; in all moments

We make whole all those I have accosted; in all moments

We remove all curses that I have put on others; in all moments

We remove all curses that I have put on myself or my loved ones; in all moments

We remove all curses on me; in all moments

We dissolve all karmic ties with all those that I have wronged; in all moments

We erase the karmic footprints from my life; in all moments

We exonerate ourselves; in all moments

We are centered and empowered in absolute freedom; in all moments

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