Upgrading Business to be of Service Society

It was a surreal feeling when I started to get a sense of the dynamic shifts that I could achieve in an individual.  It was like realizing that you have a superpower that nobody would believe and nobody would acknowledge.  Those that benefited from my work thought it was too incredulous to share.

But I was just happy to have a purpose.  The Adepts, who are my spirit guides and who have been working continuously through the ages to uplift all of humanity, would encourage me.  They would support me when there was no outer support.  They always pushed me to do more with what I knew.  They would stretch the capacity of the boundaries of what they were training me to do.

They conveyed to me that if I can shift one person, I can shift billions of people at once.  Each person who comes to me is a surrogate for so many others with the same issue.  The Adepts showed me the earth as one big ball of yarn that was all tangled together.  With each person that I assist, the ball of yearn gets a little bit looser. Over time, the whole ball of yarn relaxes and expands until all the tangles are out and the earth is free of karmic entanglement.

Fast forward many years, and each person I have worked with has expounded the limitations of what the human collective can perceive.  So many more people are opening up to their subtle senses.  As more and more people open up, all of humanity benefits.  What they once avoided as too out there, is what they now seek as an answer to their personal struggles.  This whole process has brought a huge shift in the human psyche.

There is another upgrade the Adepts are tasking me with; and that is to assist in further upgrading humanity by upgrading the business community. That is why I have teamed up with Marvin and his colleagues to transform the business and finance community to be of service to society.

When I met Marvin and his colleagues, I was struck by their devotion to uplifting humanity by transforming large companies to be of service to society.  The more I worked with them, the more it made sense to devote my energies to this cause as well.  So many people come to me in private sessions and want to know what they should be doing, how to live their purpose and how to make lots of money.  It seems very perverted to me that people have to choose between a vocation and living their purpose.  Why are they not one in the same.

In many respects, the work I do with business executives is similar to the work I do with private individuals.  I am able to pinpoint core issues, convey them to the client without a lot of deflecting, and offer them SFT taps to shift the present dynamic into something that is successful for them.  The beauty of this work is that as I assist individuals and businesses, it aligns both with their highest purpose.

This interview with myself and Marvin on The Kevin Moore Show highlights some of the work we are doing together and collectively.  I hope you can find the time to watch the whole interview.  I trust you will find it inspiring and that it will resonate with you.

Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.

We release needing to choose between higher purpose and vocation; in all moments

We shift our paradigm from choosing a vocation to living in alignment with our purpose; in all moments

We release all limiting beliefs and choices; in all moments

We upgrade all business to serving society as they thrive; in all moments

We remove all blockages to humanity awakening through an upgrade in business; in all moments

We are centered and empowered in all of humanity awakening through an upgrade in business caring for and serving society; in all moments

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