Upgrading Your Life’s Purpose: A Private Session

Some people just have a series of horrific experiences.  It feels like they can’t get a break.  It feels like they are cursed or that God is punishing them.  This was the case with the woman in this private session.  A lot of the imagery from her past lifetimes was dark.  She felt that as well.  She felt a heaviness to her experiences.  It was a darkness that made her shudder.

There was a series of lifetimes spent in the squalor of the inner slums.  From that lifetime, she moved up the ranks to a carriage driver.  It was very prestigious in comparison.  She was living such a great life in comparison until the carriage got robbed in the night and she was murdered.  It left a futility in her.  The belief was, “No matter how hard I try, something is going to destroy me”.

Another lifetime that came through in the session was her first lifetime on earth.  She came here as a prisoner.  Earth was used as a penal colony.  She still felt like a prisoner on earth.  She thought of God as the warden and the upper class as the prison guards.  To remove these core issues was to free her from the shackles she was wearing.

These private sessions are similar to the debriefing people get between lifetimes.  It came up in her understanding of herself that she wanted to know everything about an experience that she possibly could.  She was making her lifetimes particularly hard so she could learn everything about the darkness.  Understanding that she was making things hard on herself allowed us to change that intention.

Also, she asked about Rheumatoid arthritis.  I immediately saw the lifetimes of her living in squalor and sleeping on the cold damp ground as contributing to the present conditions.  Part of her energy was reliving the health issues of destitution in the present lifetime.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.


We release perceiving earth as a penal colony; in all moments

We release resenting earth; in all moments

We release feeling like a prisoner on earth; in all moments

We release being in solitary confinement; in all moments

We release confusing God as the prison warden; in all moments

We release confusing the upper class and prison guards; in all moments

We release wearing issues as shackles; in all moments

We remove all engrams and muscle memory of the lifetimes of squalor; in all moments

We remove all traumatic issues from our bone and skeletal system; in all moments

We rewrite our soul contract to experience joyful things; in all moments

We change our higher purpose to live and experience life in the light; in all moments

10 thoughts on “Upgrading Your Life’s Purpose: A Private Session

  1. MINDY MILLETT says:

    Thanks for doing these Taps, What taps are best for me?, I know you suggested the PB&J, and the energetic cleanse…anything else?

  2. Jill says:

    Thank you for your love and endless work you do for all of us at no charge!! What blockages are in my way? Thank you, Jen!

    • Jen Ward says:

      Hi Jill, You know my go-to answer when someone says; “Thank you”. You are so worth it. Your issue could be that you get yourself in task mode when you are passionate about something. Then you are less apt to be able to slow down and change course. As a correction, you can do the Energetic Cleanse with “all blockages to relaxing my atoms”.

      Have you done a private session with me yet? I think you are trying so hard to connect with your true purpose that you are overcompensating and missing the mark. It’ s my humble opinion (I hate this phrase because nothing about opinions is humble) …that anyone who is sincere about living their highest purpose would do well to have a private session with me. https://jenuinehealing.com/product/jenuine-healing-session/
      For some, it can shave years of frustration off of the search for their true purpose because so many blockages to their true self are released during a session. I also give a lot of homework so that you can master the art of releasing core issues through the SFT tapping protocols without needing exterior help.

  3. Nadja Ann says:

    Thank you Jen for your loving work! I wonder what protocols of yours/words would be most beneficial for me to use for myself or my husband?
    Another general question, I believe my son is suffering from old war trauma or similar- would it possible to book a session for him but me doing all the taps? I don’t think he would want to participate.
    Much love.

    • Jen Ward says:

      A great way to upgrade your communications with your husband is to give him a tap to correct the behavior that is an issue. It can turn into quite a fun ongoing game. When an issue comes up with either one of you, you can communicate your desired results through simply asking the other to do a tap on the issue. For instance, you can gentle ask him if he would do a tap on all blockages to putting the toilet seat down. He can ask you to do a tap on overtaking him when he comes back into the house. These are just examples. But it is a productive way to shift the dynamics without leaving the other one feeling defensive.

      You can definitely do a session for your son. I do surrogate work all the time. Some people need help to get balanced. It will be a great for you both. As you help him, you also help yourself.




  4. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you Jen for all that you are and do for humanity. I would like some tips and taps on how to release constant inner stress, worry and anxiety and getting energy back.

  5. Jen Ward says:

    Great question Elisabeth. When one is in a panic, they are dropping down their vantage point to a level of helplessness. You can counter this every time by researching the things that create you stress. Every time you stress, try to pinpoint the instant where your energy shifted. Was it interactions with others? Over stimulation by technology or social media? Were you thinking of a particular person? What was happening in your environment? Were you hungry? Did you eat a food that caused a reaction? Are your clothes breathable material? Are you bombarded by scents that trigger a negative response. Check into all the things that bombard your senses. For some of these things, you can simply remove the triggers once you identify them. For others that you identify, do the Energetic Cleanse with them. My other suggestion would be to read my book “The Wisdom of the Trees” This will teach you how to commune with the trees and learn how to calm your own energy by tapping into their stillness. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999495402/

  6. Jen Ward says:

    There is a stubbornness that you have used as a protection mechanism. It hides your sweetness. It is not done in a head strong way, but as a desire to protect yourself. Perhaps you could do the SFT Protocol- The Energetic Cleanse with micromanaging the Universe. Have you had a private session with me? You would love it. There is no fear of losing control to me. Its not possible. I also don’t want it.

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