Jen in her Jammies: What God Looks Like

The concept of God is an attempt for someone in a limited state of consciousness to tap into themselves when and where they exist without boundaries. The concept of God itself is a limitation. Because naming the omniscient is in itself a not as adequate as experience the formless.

Humans work so hard to label and quantify God. But the Zen of the matter is, that the more labels and attributes that are put on God, the smaller the definition of it becomes. In its pure state, God is a calm so deep and pure that it can be depicted to the mind as a nothingness. The mind will interpret the nothingness as a negative and put all these caveats around it. This can spin the mind in a negative direction away from the initial experience of God. This is the dilemma in expressing or seeking God.

The human experience is so individualized that our identification with words, expressions and even names is so personal.  It is difficult to share one word that conjures the same reverence for the omniscience that one person holds. To have that be universally accepted as the epitome of describing God is impossible.  Just like someone who loves having adventures on the water is going to identify differently with water than someone who drowned in a past life, the word God is going to conjure different imagery and experiences for different people.

For example, someone who is born into a loving family and feels safety and security in going to church, is going to have a different reaction to the word God than one who can recall past lives and has fought in the crusades for many lifetimes.  They may think of God as a ruthless vengeful taskmaster instead of a loving nurturer. Who is to tell them they are wrong?  Our experiences formulate who we are. For this reason, it is impossible to get everyone on the same page with their understanding of God and their appreciation for the attributes assigned to God.

Even the fact that most people perceive God as a man is problematic for someone who has been raped, humiliated, scorned or belittled by man. If their only choice is to come to terms with the attributes allotted to the word God as a “him”, many will choose to bow out of even believing in God.

The truth of the matter is that the mind can allot any attributes to God that expands the perception of it to the individual. In fact, the higher self will use any symbol it can to convey anything it can of God to the conscious self. The mind will use the symbols it has at its disposal. That is why different cultures will use different symbols to depict God. They are merely symbols. God has no personality, God is formless.

This is why cults so get followers. If enough people reinforce the perception that a certain person is a prophet, the mind will believe it. It may even be adding its intangible abilities to support the arguments for this. A cult leader is only as strong as those who believe in them and support them.


Readers might like to experience the SFT taps for themselves …

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, a fourth time while tapping on your chest, and a fifth time while tapping on your abdomen.



Running away from God is thwarted; in all moments

refusal to see God is released; in all moments

Subjugating ones self to a concept; is released; in all moments

Getting tangled in the Universal mind is released; in all moments

Confusing ego for Source is released; in all moments

The belief that God hates me is released; in all moments

The belief that I am damned is released; in all moments

The belief that I am unworthy of God’s Love is released; in all moments

The trauma of being martyred is released; in all moments

The Guilt of Cursing God is released; in all moments

The belief that I am separate from God is released; in all moments

Being centered in God’s Love is realized; in all moments

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