Executive Coaching

Coaching has become an important component in executive development. It’s ultimate purpose is to improve the performance and the wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations.

In conventional executive coaching, major issues, or impediments to enhancing an individual’s performance, are teased out and then addressed using a range of techniques and modalities. While this can be quite effective, it is often a slow process.

One of Jen’s unique skills is to quickly identify all the blockages that are getting in the way of an individual’s effectiveness, or affecting their happiness or wellbeing. These blockages could include self-limiting beliefs, seemingly intractable difficulties in working with a particular person or group, or behaviors that simply need to change. Most will be identified in the first session, along with their underlying causes.

This is only possible because of Jen’s ability to tap into higher consciousness and observe her clients from a higher vantage point. This ability allows Jen to pull clients out of their entrenched point of view and then afford them more freedom, flexibility and wriggle room to resolve issues.

Another of Jen’s unique skills is her ability to remove, resolve or release each of these issues or blockages using her SFT Protocols. Many are dealt with in the first session – and the positive impact is apparent immediately. Executives are freed to become the best possible version of themselves.

SFT Protocols can then be used to help executives both master the direction of their life and enhance their experience of life. The benefits of this for the executive, for those they lead, and for the organisation as a whole, include greater focus, a higher level of productivity and ultimately, enhanced business performance.

Initially this process all takes place under Jen’s expert guidance. But the goal is to empower each client to work with SFT Protocols themselves. This intention is a demonstration of Jen’s approach of ‘giving it all’ to any situation. There is no ‘leading clients by the nose’ or dangling the answers like bread crumbs. Generosity and benevolence are a by product of working with Jen. She demonstrates the ultimate state of grace.