Overcoming Specific Challenges

Interpersonal conflict and office politics is a natural part of working in teams and large organizations.

While the underlying causes of disharmony are unseen to almost all of us, many can feel or sense when something like this is in play.  We might resonate with some people, yet feel dissonance in the presence of others.

There are personal likes and dislikes that people bring to the table based on past experiences.  When a person has a reaction to someone, it is almost always due to them being identified with a past situation that conjures up similar feelings of mistrust or dislike.

However, these reasons are only apparent to someone who can perceive in energy as well as observe physically.  When individuals learn to perceive in energy or ‘read the room’, they have the ability to address issues in minute increments rather than needing to wait for them to escalate into full blown conflicts that become irreparable.  Perceiving in energy is a lost art that Jen is reviving.  Jen takes the air out of specific challenges and teaches clients how to manoeuvre situations that are still in an intangible state.

Once perceived from this perspective, conflict is not something to be avoided – but rather embraced as a vital opportunity to get past one’s own limitations, and to advance in exponential ways.  This is the makings of wisdom.

Jen’s ability to see these issues, identify their underlying cause, and to know how to resolve the situation, is enormously beneficial to the individual, the team, its leader and the organization as a whole.  Jen is able to help clients identify these triggers, and through using the SFT Protocols, disconnect the past negative scenarios from the present situation.

The experience is liberating, elevating and empowering for everyone involved.