Unlocking Individual Creativity

Creativity is the lifeblood of wealth creation within a business context.

Creativity is a uniquely human capability.  We all have the ability to be creative.  Some can access this capability naturally.  Others need assistance.

Conditioning, beliefs, judgment, self doubt and negative self-talk are all limitations placed on the mind that block a person’s access to their natural creative abilities.  These are also glass ceilings on our ability to work with our own heart.

The heart is just as vital an organism as the mind.  Those who lead from the heart are not devoid of the ability to discern.  They do not ‘lose their mind’.  However, leading from the heart disarms the mind from the overtaxing job of having to reject all situations and scenarios that seem a threat.  Leading from the heart and not the mind allows an individual to be receptive to exponential opportunities.

Jen’s ability to teach clients to operate safely from the heart and access their intuition has enormous payoffs.  Jen can teach clients how to ask any question of themselves and receive the best answer for their optimal good.  She calls this ‘tapping into direct knowing’.

Direct knowing is simply the process of bypassing all the triggers, reactionary sand pits, emotional blockages and past experiences that act as self protection.  These prevent one from knowing how to respond to a situation.  Direct knowing is connecting with the part of the self that is beyond all the limitations of the mind. It accesses your own innate wisdom.  Accessing one’s higher wisdom is the personal ‘IT’ factor that one can access for their optimal success.  There is no more trustworthy advocate than one’s higher self.

There is incredible confidence in knowing that one can access the answers for themselves in every situation.  Those who can access their direct knowing become immensely productive.  A by-product of this skill is that others naturally gravitate to their wisdom.  These people become natural unassuming leaders.  They exude a confidence that emanates through the whole team.