Dynamic Group Facilitation

Jen’s ability to perceive in energy makes her a particularly dynamic facilitator or co-facilitator of all forms of workshops with senior leadership teams – irrespective of the focus of the workshop.

Her unique facilitation skills include the ability to:

  • Ensure communication is honest, and the intent of participants remains noble
  • Perceive the personal issues of everyone in the room and untangle issues at the core even before they are expressed by the attendees
  • Identify hidden potential in individuals that may not have been recognised or utilised, even in themselves
  • Give voice to secret concerns and empower individuals in ways they would like to be perceived. She assists them in manifesting their depth
  • Eliminate dysfunctional feelings, emotions, attitudes or hidden intentions
  • Identify when individual issues are impeding the performance of the group
  • Align team members around a shared goal
  • Empower teams to create a positive future that benefits all, and not be a victim of a future created by someone else
  • Empower team members to master their own destiny
  • Shift the vantage point of the attendees from dysfunction, to empowerment and mutual respect
  • Explain complicated metaphysical dynamics with easy to understand metaphors
  • Employ SFT Protocols to eliminate negativity, overcome problems, chart a positive path forward and align the team energetically. This can be with a noble intent, a chosen strategy, a new organisation structure, or a new market positioning

With access to Jen’s skills, it is possible to use a strategy workshop to not only agree a strategy, but also deal with any hidden underlying dynamics that might impede its successful implementation.