Unlocking Creativity in Teams

In addition to working with individual team members to Unlock Individual Creativity, Jen co-facilitates workshops with business unit, divisional or executive leadership teams that produce holistic and exponential ‘breakthrough solutions’ to multiple business challenges, that could never be resolved ‘one at a time’ or with ‘linear thinking’.

Creativity workshops are extremely dynamic.  They are typically held offsite in settings conducive to a creative process.

Experienced and capable teams are taken to a higher vantage point from which they can see their situation differently – consistent with Einstein’s notion that ‘we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’.  A paradigm shifting question is often used to encourage participants to think differently, and to activate direct knowingness or intuition.

Throughout this process, Jen works to assist participants to:

  • Recognize when they are slipping into habitual behavior that prevents them from receiving information
  • Open up to receiving information in ways that are not their usual means of processing data. For example those who are verbal learners can have greater access to information through logical, audio, or kinetic means
  • Address blockages in receptivity caused by an over entitled sense of self, compassionately stripping off layers in real time, and exposing the resistance in ones receptivity, as powerful tools of self awareness
  • Access their creativity and overcome blockages of self-doubt in a masterful way.

When one person in the group receives Jen’s guidance, it becomes a teaching tool for all who are witnessing it as well.