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Jen Ward – Ascended Master

Reiki Master, gifted healer, inspirational speaker, author of many books and an innovator of a healing modality for self empowerment. She offers a simple but dynamic protocol to assist individuals in clearing up all their energy imbalances (karma) with every person, experience, belief system and the Universe. She enables all those struggling to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her encouragement and instruction. Read more about Jen here.

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An Introduction To This Website

An Introduction To This Website

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The Selfish Reason to Eliminate Barbaric Practices

November 21st, 2019|Categories: Jen's Journey|Tags: , , , |

As a hypersensitive being, I have a theory that we are all hypersensitive beings.

For some reason, have not blocked out the conscious aware of it and what it entails. I try to buffer myself from knowing about painful issues because I inadvertently go into the experience whole heartedly through whomever is involved.

Last night, I saw a story about gestation crates. It is a metal crate that is wraps around a pregnant pig so she cant move or lay down while she is pregnant. A pig spends eighty percent of her life pregnant. The pigs literally go insane. That insanity is […]

Remove Psychic Energy From Toys

November 18th, 2019|Categories: Stories & Experiences|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Recently I facilitated a private remote session for a mother who was worried about her young son. She kept finding that he was getting access to porn. It created a curiosity to porn that wasn’t a natural progression for him. It was showing up in his little friends as well.
In the session she did as a surrogate for him, we dissipated all the psychic energy of the porn. That is what porn is; very charged energy infused in provocative images. It seemed like a very easy shift. The boy was just a normal, happy kid. We dissipated the energy of […]
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2 hours ago

Jenuine Healing


We have all been both male an female. In my sessions with clients, I see their past lives and what they have endured. I see rapes, tortures, manipulations, babies delivered and stolen from the womb, being sacrificed, forced to marry, being passed around, imprisonment, wars, murders, killing of babies, abuses of power and violations and degradation that are unimaginable.

In some people, the abuse has been devastating. Some have suffered more abuse as a woman and others, more abuse as a man. It is natural to avoid that which brings us pain. But as soul, we still have to collect our experiences.

How does one collect their experiences as a woman if they are terrified of the lifetimes that they have endured in a female body? How does one choose to come into a female body if they have been raped, violated, mutilated and desecrated beyond all reason every time they have? Some may choose to get their female experiences in the safety of a male body; And visa verse.

For some people, it is a miracle that they can even choose to incarnate, interact with others and still have a capacity to love. It is just too much to ask that they blend with the herd. It is a ridiculous request. If all the cards were laid on the table, and everyone could see all the lifetimes of others, there would be no more judgment. There would just be humble resolve and respect. We would all go out of our way to serve others because we have compassion for what they have endured. We would feel like idiots for judging anything about them; as well we should.

This is a great day to honor the unique path of others; and so is every day. Celebrate their kindness, uniqueness and resilience. Honor their ability to thrive. Show gratitude and respect for the life they have forged for themselves. Admire their differences and what they reveal to you about yourself. This is how we evolve as individuals; and as a species.

#Pastlives #LGBT #Transgender #Spirituality #Kindness #Gaia

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2 hours ago

Jenuine Healing

Jen Ward:

I am a Muslim- I continuously declare my faith through kindness to all others
I am a Jew -I have suffered dearly for my right to exist and have great resolve
I am a Christian -I strive to personify Christ consciousness
I am a Pagan -I see God in everyone and everything
I am a Buddhist- I think and discern for myself
I am an Atheist- I reject all tenets that do not resonate with my own sense of truth.
I am an Agnostic - I question everything; especially what others tell me to believe
I am Spiritual- I understand that I exist because I am loved
I am a Hindu- I believe in the continuity of life greater than this physical form
I Am Gaia- I naturally nurture all of life
I Am Love- I see the goodness in all others beyond all labels and personal convictions
I AM Humanity. I am in you and you are in me

Jen Ward 11/22/15

#poetry #Christianity #Islam #Muslim #Atheist #Agnostic #Hindu #Religion #Spirituality #Jewish #Humanity #Gaia

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“Add the synergy of your energy to my vision of shifting the world to peace where trees are respected and each individual is valued and respected for their uniqueness. It is not a pipe dream. We have a blueprint. Donations of all amounts are welcome. The support in this way is not losing something but a conduit for higher intentions to move through you and move you closer to peace in your own life. If I have helped you in any way, maybe you can support others in the world receiving such blessings. Perhaps you will get a sense of their relief.”

– Jen Ward

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