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Heal your body, mind,
and soul

Have you felt the subtle promptings that have led you to this sacred space? If so, now is the time to take the initiative and accept the universal providence being offered to you here. World renowned energy healer Jen Ward and her husband and soul mate Marvin Schneider empower you to heal yourself.

Introducing Jarvin

Your Jenuine Healing hosts are Jen and Marvin, also known as Jarvin. We welcome you to this sacred space of healing, rejuvenation, and empowerment. Jen and Marvin are soul mates that are bonded in a common purpose of empowering all individuals to live their best life of passion and purpose with abundance, health, and success. The bonding force behind Jarvin is the secret sauce that makes Jenuine Healing uniquely positioned to empower you to empower yourself.

Your pathway to empowerment

Take control of your own empowerment with one-on-one energy healing sessions, regular online events, workshops, and masterclasses offered by Jenuine Healing. Everything we do is grounded in a deep understanding of energy and the need to outflow in order to be fully plugged into universal consciousness.

Energy Healing

Remove blockages and issues in private healing sessions with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward

Daily Rejuvenation

Keep yourself in good energetic shape by participating in daily live stream events hosted by Jarvin

Community Participation

Hang out with your tribe and keep the energy outflow alive in a weekly online open house event hosted by Jarvin

Special Events

Feed your soul by participating in regular public events, group healing sessions, workshops, and masterclasses hosted by Jarvin

SFT tapping protocols

Everything in the universe is energy – frequencies of sound and emanations of light woven together in the illusion of form. Everything you experience in your life is an interaction between the energy you put out into the universe and the energy directed towards you from the collective consciousness of the universe.

SFT tapping is a powerful way of releasing stagnant energy that is causing blockages in you experiencing your optimal joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, and success. World renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, has developed a series of SFT tapping protocols to allow you to regain your energy from any person, thing, place, situation, or circumstance.

Upcoming events

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events where you can participate in person, be part of the studio audience, or watch events in real time when live streamed for free.

Recently published articles

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Recently published videos

Jen and Marvin (Jarvin) work tirelessly to produce a range of video content that is available to you as a free resource in your journey towards empowerment. If you get benefit from these videos, please consider making a donation.