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Energy Healer & Ascended Master

Reiki Master, gifted energy healer, inspirational speaker, author of many books and an innovator of a healing modality for self empowerment (SFT Tapping.) She offers a simple but dynamic protocol to assist individuals in clearing up all their energy imbalances (karma) with every person, experience, belief system and the Universe. She enables all those struggling to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her encouragement and instruction. Read more about Jen here.

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The Fruit of Our Intentions

June 29th, 2020|Categories: SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps|

I just woke from a disturbing dream. When I have a dream like this, its not a reflection of my personal psyche but it is taking the temperature of what is being pumped into the collective airwaves. I don’t even want to describe the dream. You will get the gist of it from the taps.

Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 3rd time while tapping on your chest

We dissipate all the psychic streams of energy that take pleasure out of hunting down people of color; in all moments

We dissipate all psychic streams of […]

“We’re All Healers Here”

June 10th, 2020|Categories: Jen's Journey, Personal Stories, Poetry|

I dedicate this poem to Dr Staicu and the ICU staff at Highland Hospital in Rochester NY.. Also the amazing staff on the seventh floor. Going to the hospital was my biggest nightmare. But I landed in the arms of love. Every single person who tended to me looked at me with eyes of love and spoke to me with kindness and compassion.

Their individual attention, skills and intensity of care healed a lifetime of wounds. In fact, the concentration of care and respect I received there wiped out deep hidden pockets of neglect and abuse. I have never been […]

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7 hours ago

Jenuine Healing

The Black Magician

I have been accused of doing black magic by someone with little understanding of spiritual law. Let me be clear: the taps I post in no way violate spiritual law or the sanctity of any soul. What they do, is combat the black magician who has society duped into submission.

Lack of understanding of the workings of energy are the reasons that the black magicians of the world can rape humanity as they do. The long term remedy is an understanding of the dynamics of energy. The short term remedy is the taps that I provide to strip away from the black magicians, all the energy they have accumulated through ill will.

What I do is in adherence to spiritual law. When you do the taps, you are working as the long hand of the angels and spirit guides that diligently work to prevent us from destroying ourselves and being a nuisance to other worlds.

Do you know what IS black magic

Mass hypnotism
Demonizing the down trodden
Rhetoric used to divide and bring conflict
Using the collective energy for personal gain
Pitting sects of people against each other to dilute their effectiveness
Using lies as a distraction from the suffering created
Creating suffering to harness the suffering for fuel
Desecrating the sacred ceremonies for personal gain (4th of July)
Demonizing anyone with integrity or the ability to speak the truth
Squelching the voice of the people
Creating a psychic atmosphere of fear
Using fear to maintain power
Dismantling the protective components of the whole
Demonizing and sullying anyone with integrity and valor
Putting ones self on a pedestal
Accruing unearned accolades
Taking credit for things that one has not done
Breaking down the proper order of things

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“Add the synergy of your energy to my vision of shifting the world to peace where trees are respected and each individual is valued and respected for their uniqueness. It is not a pipe dream. We have a blueprint. Donations of all amounts are welcome. The support in this way is not losing something but a conduit for higher intentions to move through you and move you closer to peace in your own life. If I have helped you in any way, maybe you can support others in the world receiving such blessings. Perhaps you will get a sense of their relief.”

– Jen Ward

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Jenuine Healing Testimonials

Vacation help for my wife’s dog

One weekend my family and I were traveling on business. My wife decided to bring her dog, which she had adopted the previous year as a stray. When we got to the hotel in St. Louis, the dog was incredibly nervous, would not settle down, and was actively trying to… Read more “Vacation help for my wife’s dog”

Ken Ring

Jen is “The Healer’s Healer.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jen on various personal physical, emotional and spiritual healing issues over the past 2 years. The “lightness” experienced afterwards is wonderful for she has literally extricated things that have been deeply imbedded for lifetimes. Relief and Release. I have referred my… Read more “Jen is “The Healer’s Healer.””

Cindy Kerr RN The Health Diviner

If you are ready to be the warrior of your life

spring flowers

I just got done with a healing session with magically enlightening – truth telling warrior Jen Ward. She has shifted things in my life that I’ve been trying to shift for lifetimes, and she does it in minutes!! She is more than the BEST and I will be grateful to… Read more “If you are ready to be the warrior of your life”

Nina Moran

Mother’s Day 2017 Retreat

My first morning home from the Jenuine Healing Mother’s Day Retreat, and while daily life continues, the bliss and power that was present throughout the entire weekend is still present in me. I’ve been to plenty of workshops, but as far as bang for your buck goes… there is no… Read more “Mother’s Day 2017 Retreat”

Ben Tennant

Struggles are made easier. She untangles issues.

testimonial image

The wonderful and unusual thing about working with Jen is that you deal with issues you don’t share with anyone in your day to day life. That makes giving a testimonial challenging because sharing means that you open up about things you aren’t normally willing to talk about. Since working… Read more “Struggles are made easier. She untangles issues.”


After purchasing SFT book, I did a set of taps with my sister who has suffered with very high BP for years. Two days later she had her routine check with the nurse, her BP was the lowest it has ever been , both my sister and the nurse were… Read more “SFT”

Susan Davie