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Jen Ward

Energy Healer & Ascended Master

Reiki Master, gifted energy healer, inspirational speaker, author of many books and an innovator of a healing modality for self empowerment (SFT Tapping.) She offers a simple but dynamic protocol to assist individuals in clearing up all their energy imbalances (karma) with every person, experience, belief system and the Universe. She enables all those struggling to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her encouragement and instruction. Read more about Jen here.

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An Introduction To This Website

An Introduction To This Website

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With Kinder Eyes

March 21st, 2020|Categories: Current Events, Spiritual Insight|Tags: , , |

we're all in this together

The virus is a strong intention put out there by controlling factions that don’t value human life.

They appreciate the thinning of the herd and the excavation of dead weight. It will take all individuals to rise up to the occasion and dust off their humanity for humanity to prevail. Anything you can do to take yourself out of fear and give of yourself is of value.

Positive thoughts, patience with family members, and acts of kindness are all ways to raise the vibration of the planet. Remember, this is […]

The Plague

March 19th, 2020|Categories: Current Events, SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps, Videos|Tags: , , |

Many people who are freaking out over the virus have lived in the time of a horrific plague in a past era.

These taps will be able to separate them from the past life trauma. This is actually a very exciting time spiritually.  We are having the shackles of conformity taken off us. And as uncertain as these times are,  we are doing it together. Many of you can feel the gratitude and calm below the surface of mass concern.

Say 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on […]

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8 hours ago

Jenuine Healing

You and Truth

Truth is not public opinion
Truth is not based on who can bury their sins better
Truth is not buying up the media to slant the story
Truth is not at the mercy of professional liars
It is not spun and distorted to protect a bloated liar

Truth does not need you to be polished up pretty
It is organic
It seeps into the skin like a rich lotion
Truth does not leave so many questions
It does not have an agenda

Truth does not line the pockets of the rich
It does not creat division
Truth does not need repetition to be received
It doesn’t need to be coerced into the psyche
Truth is not giving candy and presents to children on sacred days to bribe their devotion

Truth creates a connection to your own depth
The place in you that knows all the answers
It is a self reliance that doesn’t need prompting to understand
It sees the distortion in the liars
It sees how hard the psychic waves are working to prevent the world from awakening

Truth has been squelched for so long that the lies have become friends
They are the dust bunnies that collect around the truth
They are more apparent than the truth
And more welcome
They propagate at will to prevent truth from prevailing

Lies will coax, bribe, reassure you in any way possible
They will do anything to keep you distracted from truth
They will induce fear, threaten and even rape you of your dignity
Anything that the most heinous crimes can offer , so too can the lies

Your denial is the prize
Your demonizing of the truth is the goal
You staying happy in your defenses and reprimand of the truth is vital.
You attack truth effortlessly
In blissful ignorance

Every time you judge others
Every time you forgo speaking your truth out of niceties
Every time you birth another opinion based on arbitrary facts
Every time you go along with the crowd
And become complacent to your own potential

You are the pinnacle factor whether the world awakens or lays in greed until it’s own destruction
You are the factor whether all souls see their worth
Or bow to a sniffling power monger.
You seeing your own worth and potential encourages all others to do the same

You are the saint or sinner you deem yourself to be
Groveling in unworthiness only emboldens the unworthy to rule
Why do you care so little about others?
Why do you not just embrace your omnipotence?
Why do you not challenge the shackles that tell you that you are insignificant

If you value God, you must value yourself
You must listen to what your heart tells you.
The part of the heart not programmed by the mind
Think, feel, discern into truth unfettered by fear or opinions
Bleed your love into the collective so that all can awaken from the lies

You are pinnacle
Your essence coaxes truth to the surface in others
You are a portal of truth in this world
You can melt the ice of fear and indifference
You are the golden child to the awakening of truth

The sun rises and sets on you
You matter


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– Jen Ward

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