A Personal Paradigm Shift

We have been trained for generations to compete with each other. Who is prettiest, richest, strongest, smartest etc.. We have been taught from the first day of school to show off your best qualities and to use them to gain advantage over others.   So many of us have realized that we could not compete. [...] [...]

The SFT Lexicon: Second Edition

The second edition of The SFT Lexicon will quickly become your ‘go to’ textbook for achieving a purpose led, fulfilled, and transcended life. Gifted dynamic healer Jen Ward has spent decades researching the core issues preventing most people from living their best life. Jen’s extraordinary and challenging personal journey has gifted her with a unique [...] [...]

Uplifting Humanity: SFT Group Session

 SFT has become the “go-to” for so many people to get beyond their issues. The group tapping sessions are a means for people from all over the world to come together with the intention to uplift humanity. As SFT takes off as a global modality, I find myself more and more in the role [...] [...]

Attracting Your Soulmate: A Private Session

 In many cultures, there is a lot of pressure to contribute to the family. Children are meant to put their own wants and needs last below the well being of their family. Self-sacrifice is so ingrained that we have learned to reject love if it was not in the best interest of our family. [...] [...]

Healing Marriages: A Private Session

 Sometimes the relationships that we had in past lifetimes are dramatic and even violent. They don’t happen in a vacuum. They stay with us. The conscious mind may recognize someone from a past lifetime as familiar but not remember the details of that relationship. Everyone that we have known from a past life is [...] [...]

The Heart Chakra: A Private Session

 Some people come for a session because they know how dynamic that they are and they want to be able to reflect that to the world. One amazing way to heal others is to merely agree with their greatness. Think about it. We all go around judging each other and sizing them up and [...] [...]

Rejoining the Tribe: A Private Session

 If you think about it, we are all indigenous people from one era or another. Some of us have been more disconnected from the earth, our roots, our tribe and ourselves. In a way, the people who are one or two generations disconnected from the land are closer to truth than those who have [...] [...]

Stop Kissing Ass: A Private Session

 This session was with a marvelous young woman. She was competent, delightful and eager to please. She would have been a great addition to any corporation. She took instruction well. She would compliment me when I was hard on her. On the surface, it was very easy to work with her. But her akashic [...] [...]