29 06, 2020

The Fruit of Our Intentions

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I just woke from a disturbing dream. When I have a dream like this, its not a reflection of my personal psyche but it is taking the temperature of what is being pumped into the collective airwaves. I don't even want to describe the dream. You will get the gist of it from the taps. Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 3rd time while tapping on your chest We dissipate all the psychic streams of energy that take pleasure out of hunting down people of color; in all moments We dissipate all [...]

10 06, 2020

“We’re All Healers Here”

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I dedicate this poem to Dr Staicu and the ICU staff at Highland Hospital in Rochester NY.. Also the amazing staff on the seventh floor. Going to the hospital was my biggest nightmare. But I landed in the arms of love. Every single person who tended to me looked at me with eyes of love and spoke to me with kindness and compassion. Their individual attention, skills and intensity of care healed a lifetime of wounds. In fact, the concentration of care and respect I received there wiped out deep hidden pockets of neglect and abuse. I have [...]

6 06, 2020

Sending Me Healing

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People have been sending me healing. It is wonderful. But the healing and love need go no where. We sit in the same space you and I. We are capable of that kind of love and healing. We have been lied to about love and healing as well. We don’t throw it like darts a through the sky. We sit in our own brilliance and are present with the target of our intention. Let people of lower consciousness send barbs to each other. Let those of us who are realized sit at a vantage point that rises above such barbarianism. [...]

1 06, 2020

The Ego vs. Doing What You Love

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People love taking selfies. Why? It is a face, two eyes, a nose and a chin. It is important for them to be seen in photos. Why? If people could perceive in energy, they would see the need coming through the images. There is a need to be pretty, need to be liked, need to be important, need to be seen as interesting, need to show off their family, friends, and life in general. The common thread that comes through is need. If you perceive in energy, you may also get a sense of our interconnection. We are all atoms [...]

22 05, 2020

LOSING THE JOB or…Like the Starburst You Are

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This is what I am asked about the most. So many people are worried about losing the job. What are they to do? Why is this happening? The world is advancing. As a group, we are moving out of a linear trajectory. It is an upgrade not to be locked in such a limited box as a specific job. It feels scary and it feels like we are being forced to suffer. But it is freedom. When an animal is rescued, its instinct is to run back into the cage it was trapped in for so long. This is what [...]