Breaking free from the ego

Dive into the complexities of ego dynamics, uncover effective strategies to transcend its illusions, and discover the pivotal role of self-awareness, active listening, and SFT tapping for profound personal growth and empowerment.

Do you feel lost and isolated in life? Have you hit an impasse in your personal journey? As you undergo the process of awakening, it can trigger abrupt upheavals in your life. The established norms surrounding your beliefs and decisions are challenged within you, and this leads you to a crossroads. The urge to expound in your empowerment begins the journey of seeking clarity and inspiration. But what happens when you hit a wall and resistance obstructs your growth?


The journey of awakening is a story that every spiritual seeker is familiar with. It is a fascinating and confusing experience, prompting questions of life and self. Established norms are challenged, core beliefs upended, and the path is often isolating. Despite the turmoil, this journey offers remarkable potential for spiritual growth, accelerating the shedding of illusions, and nurturing a deeper connection to purpose and self-empowerment. As clarity and sudden realizations light up within you, it builds a momentum of wanting to become a more dynamic being.

Yet, what happens when the flood of inspiration suddenly ends, leaving you in stagnation? In the quest for spiritual truth and personal growth, examining the role of the ego and how it can sabotage you, is essential. And although the ego appears to be a thorn in the side of humanity, it is important to understand the ego’s mechanism within you.

This article is inspired by a private healing session facilitated by Jen Ward, where the topic of the ego is addressed. As you read along you will learn about the ego’s role within you. You will also understand how the ego sabotages your spiritual growth. Most importantly, you will acquire effective strategies to stop feeding the ego and gain your empowerment.

Understanding the dynamics of the ego

You may have heard the term of having a big ego. But what exactly is the ego? It is a subject that many psychologists and philosophers have studied and theorized about. Simply put, the ego is the aspect of you that experiences it as the “self” or “I.” It is also theorized that it is the primal part of you that encompasses primal desires.

Now that the basis of the ego has been established, let’s take it a step further. If the ego is your identity, it can be determined that it is that part of you that questions, comments, and speculates on everything you encounter. As you progress on your journey, you begin to make choices about how you want to show up in society, such as your hobbies, relationships, and career. A lot of these decisions then produce a self-image through the use of labels. But what happens when you have an awakening and start questioning everything about yourself and the situations you’ve created? That is when things get complicated.

The dynamics of the ego within you act as a dichotomy. On one side, the ego works as a sensor to maintain your self-preservation by conforming and blending in with society. However, the ego also obstructs your freedom through its need for control. When you are awakening and attempting to release indoctrinations and conventions, dismantling the ego can prove particularly challenging. This process essentially entails an internal struggle and a confrontation with yourself. It involves dismantling what the ego has constructed.

So, how do you push past the resistance of the ego to advance your spiritual growth and empowerment? You do it through self-awareness.

Facing your triggers to break down the ego

In this context, self-awareness refers to the ability of perceiving your character, emotions, and thoughts in relation to how you want to live your life. It is abstaining from the denial of truly looking at yourself. When you encounter resistance on your journey of self-empowerment, it often signifies the presence of deeply ingrained past life trauma and karmic connections. These issues can show up as recurring themes or difficult relationships in your life. If you refuse to acknowledge and work on these issues, then it will be difficult to release them.

Confronting these triggers head-on is crucial. It involves introspection into the who, what, where, when, and why of your thoughts, feelings and actions. What evokes feelings such as sadness, anger or fear? For example, if the fear of facing criticism and backlash prevents you from expressing your authentic self, then embracing the opposite approach is important by speaking your truth. Also, questioning why the fear is coming up is vital. Did a traumatic situation occur in this life or do you get a sense that something relevant happened in a past life? Move past the limitations placed on you by the ego. As you continue to knock down these walls, more layers of the ego and past life issues will be revealed to you.

Beyond the method of self-awareness, there are other practical techniques to begin breaking down the ego. Embracing these strategies indicates your choice to transform from passively being driven by the ego to a higher conscious leader of your life. By doing these practices, you embark on a transformative journey of breaking free from the ego’s grip and experiencing spiritual empowerment.

Be the observer

An important step in transcending the ego is the practice of being the observer of your thoughts, feelings and reactions. As you are going about your day, pay attention to what arises within you. By assuming the role of the observer in your daily life, you gain the ability to discern your vantage point and identify if you are responding from the layers of ego or higher consciousness.

You may wonder, how do you know when you are in the ego versus when you are in higher consciousness? Reflect on these questions: Is your reaction driven by fear, defensiveness, insecurity or a need for validation? Or are you responding from a place of calm, openness, love and compassion?

As you are able to identify your vantage point, you can proactively make the decision to respond from a place of higher consciousness. By consistently adopting the observer’s perspective, recognizing when you are reacting from the ego, and choosing to raise your vantage point, you can become adept at recognizing the shifts between the ego and higher self. This recognition empowers you to make the conscious choice of being the neutral witness versus being swept up in impulsive reactions.

Relax your atoms

Building on your role as the observer, another step in breaking free of the ego is understanding non-reactivity. When you are faced with criticism or advice from others, the ego often responds defensively, trying to protect itself from potential discomfort. The façade of hurt feelings are actually layers of the ego being ripped off. Embracing non-reactivity involves a decision to resist the instinctive tightening of your energy, and instead, allowing yourself to remain calm. By relaxing into the experience, you can release another layer of the ego’s grip.

The ego’s propensity for defensiveness is entrenched in its resistance to backlash and feeling targeted. Yet, by choosing the path of non-reactivity, you can create a space for self-awareness and personal growth. When criticism or advice is received, instead of bracing yourself for a battle, you can choose to observe your own emotional responses and triggers. This neutrality enables you to differentiate between assessing the incoming information versus the ego’s primal reactions.

However, it is important to discuss that non-reactivity does not justify accepting undeserved attacks or allowing yourself to be subjected to cruelty. While non-reactivity encourages openness, it is also necessary to establish and maintain healthy boundaries. Establishing boundaries is an act of self-love and self-respect. By discerning between constructive criticism and unjust attacks, you can effectively navigate the fine line between vulnerability and defensiveness.

Opening up your energy with active listening

The technique of opening up your energy is something you can try in this moment. As you read this article, imagine all judgments and criticism slipping away to make room for curiosity and wonder.

In the journey towards spiritual freedom, a pivotal point is the deconstruction of the ego through shedding layers of rigid perceptions and beliefs. The practice of active listening is an important part in this goal. At its core, active listening involves not just hearing the words but also genuinely immersing yourself in the speaker’s message. By consciously engaging in active listening, you open the gateway to expanding your consciousness with new perspectives.

With active listening and openness to new information, it loosens the ego’s grip on preconceived notions. As you let go of inner dialogues and judgments, you create space for understanding other’s experiences and ideas. This receptiveness serves as a catalyst, dissolving the rigid structures that the ego has built. This practice allows you to transcend the limitations of the ego, guiding you to a trajectory of spiritual freedom and truth.

Incorporating SFT tapping

A central technique for transcending the ego and achieving lasting spiritual growth is the Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping method, which holds a particular significance in this journey. This technique offers a tangible and active approach to release deeply ingrained past life issues that might hinder personal growth. The process involves repeating a specific statement three time while continuously tapping on the top of your head, then repeating the statement once while continuously tapping on your chest, and finally repeating the statement one more time while continuously tapping on your abdomen.

The effectiveness of SFT tapping is demonstrated through the many private energy healing sessions that Jen Ward has with her clients. Many of these private sessions are featured on the Jenuine Healing Youtube channel and on the Jenuine Healing website. Try it for yourself and see if you feel a sense of relief.

We release all resistance to transcending; in all moments.

We release being in denial; in all moments.

We release the façade; in all moments.

We release the aversion to look at ourselves; in all moments.

We release being enslaved to the ego; in all moments.

We release sabotaging our own empowerment; in all moments.


In the journey towards spiritual empowerment, breaking free from the illusions of the ego is a necessary and transformative quest. The ego’s complex dynamics often serves as both a protector and an obstruction. By addressing the ego, it allows you to navigate its complexities and transcend its limitations. Through self-awareness and adopting the position as the observer, you can be the watcher of your life, versus the reactor. By implementing an openness to new perspectives and relaxing your atoms, you can release rigid structures to create a space for expansion. Lastly, doing SFT tapping as a frequent practice and having a private session with Jen Ward will be a life changing experience.

The path of transcending the ego is an ongoing process. You will come across times of deep insight and also moments of unmoving resistance. Often, these points indicate that you are making significant progress. It is important to remember that hitting resistance is a message that you are at a point of meaningful progress. When you feel resistance, it’s your ego trying to keep its hold and preventing you from letting go of deep-rooted issues. Keep exploring yourself, shine light on your triggers, and work to release them. Step by step you’ll find yourself less entrenched by the ego and more spiritually empowered.

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