Love is the essence of existence, ever-present and eternal. It transcends time, weaving through our lives, reminding us of our true nature as beings of love.

Love is ongoing in every true way. Everyone that we have ever loved, we are still in love with. We permeate with that love and pull others into it through the journey. It never ends. Love at first sight is a remembrance of what is.

As we go through the funhouse of time, love gets distorted. We are aghast when it is stretched or distorted, and saddened when we walk away from the mirror. But we are not separated from love. How can we be separated from love when it is the force that turns the cogs of our very own atoms?

When you turn away from the notion of love, it is like trying to turn off your own existence. It is not possible. This is so silly in concept, yet so painful for the one who forgets their own nature. The most confusing thing about love is that in its purest form, it strikes the consciousness as a stillness. The mind interprets this as a nothingness which spins the whole experience as an absence of love.

All the forces of the Universe are converging to buoy you in time and space so you can realize how incredibly loved that you are. To the weary heart, it feels like emptiness. Life is one long journey to realize yourself as the true source of love that you are. So, the struggle is to challenge that base nature that says otherwise and refute the findings of the fickle emotions. Redefine and expand your definition of love. Turn love inside out like a reversible jacket and warm yourself with your own lining.

Think of love as the stillness of the Universe which is reflected in nature. Love is the quietude of a new mother taking inventory of her new babe. It is tolerating a million transgressions of an annoying younger sibling. Love is honoring a pet’s nap as you dutifully sit still so as not to wake them. It is the inner communication of the trees that nurture everyone so graciously while systemically being denied a voice.

There is no way not to be loved unless you gauge the definition by the flawed attempts of other humans to gain understanding. They are those who are flailing around in desperation for validation too. It is like looking for the starving to feed you or to make you the guest of honor at a banquet. The best way to be embraced in love is to make a house of it from the sticks you have collected yourself. That way you always take ownership of your own house. And that is the greatest security there is.

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