A twin journey through spiritual freedom

Unlocking the emotional and spiritual paths of twins with empathy, Jen Ward uses SFT taps to pave the way for healing, self-love, and a deeper sibling connection.


“A Twin Journey Through Spiritual Freedom” chronicles a transformative session guided by the empathetic and insightful energy healer, Jen Ward, focusing on a client’s seven-year-old twins. This unique healing journey delves deep into the emotional and spiritual landscapes of two young souls, addressing their individual struggles and perceptions within the family dynamics, and their interconnected paths toward healing. Through Jen’s intuitive use of Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, the session offers a profound exploration of anxiety, self-perception, and the intricate relationships that shape our inner worlds from a tender age.

For the client’s daughter, the session begins with addressing feelings of nervousness, self-doubt, and the perceived imbalance of love within the family, which are common yet deeply impactful issues for children navigating their emotional development. Jen’s approach, involving imaginative engagement with the child’s “little cells” and the use of SFT taps, not only provides immediate comfort but also instills a sense of self-awareness and empowerment. The daughter’s journey through the session illuminates the healing power of acknowledging and releasing deeply held fears and beliefs, paving the way for a stronger sense of self-love and belonging.

Similarly, the session with the client’s son unfolds layers of emotional resistance, highlighting his struggle with feelings of invisibility and competition for parental attention. Jen’s tailored SFT taps for him aim at breaking down the walls of these emotional barricades, fostering an environment where he can express vulnerability and find solace in being understood. This part of the session emphasizes the importance of emotional expression and the healing that comes from confronting and releasing pent-up emotions. As the session concludes, both twins emerge more connected to their own spirits and each other, embarking on a continued journey of spiritual freedom with renewed resilience, understanding, and a deeper bond that transcends their individual experiences.

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