Beauty and the beast

Jen Ward guides a profound healing journey, focusing on releasing deep-seated emotions, fostering connection, and embracing inner strength.


In this private session between world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, and her client, the focus is on healing deep-seated emotional wounds through the process of energetic cleansing and tapping into one’s inner power. The session begins with Jen guiding her client through a series of releases aimed at letting go of feelings of wilting, abandonment, and a fear of looking back. These releases are designed to clear the client’s energy field of negative emotions and beliefs that hinder personal growth and connection with the self and others.

As the session progresses, Jen addresses the client’s struggle with maintaining a high vibrational state and feeling disconnected from the love and empowerment they once felt. By identifying and releasing specific patterns of thought and behavior, such as taking empowerment for granted and choosing distractions over deeper connections, Jen aims to rekindle the client’s inner strength and reconnect them with their spiritual essence. This process highlights the importance of acknowledging and nurturing one’s spiritual and emotional needs to maintain balance and harmony in life.

The session culminates in a profound discussion on the nature of the client’s pain and loneliness, revealing a mutual feeling of abandonment and a longing for connection. Through heartfelt conversation, Jen emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s worth and impact on others, encouraging the client to embrace their power and role in the world. The therapeutic dialogue and energetic work undertaken in this session illustrate the transformative power of energy healing in addressing the root causes of emotional distress, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness, and healing.


00:00:00 Opening and Initial Affirmations
00:01:56 Exploring the Depths of Emotional Pain and Disconnection
00:04:15 Navigating Personal Relationships and Emotional Needs
00:08:50 Understanding and Releasing Negative Emotions and Beliefs
00:12:16 Deepening the Connection to Self and Others
00:21:48 Visualizing and Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Patterns
00:28:05 Confronting Illusions and Embracing Authenticity
00:33:10 Confronting and Releasing Curses on Spirituality
00:34:00 Releasing Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
00:35:14 Overcoming Linear Limitations and Embracing Love
00:36:41 Releasing Unfaithful Energies
00:44:10 A Journey of Healing
00:56:58 Balancing Aspects of Self
01:01:27 Creative Expression and Personal Reflections
01:02:52 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude

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