Being addicted to the search

Discover profound liberation in shedding burdens & embracing your spiritual essence with Jen Ward’s transformative energy healing session.


In this deeply transformative session with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, viewers are invited on an explorative journey into the heart of spiritual seeking and the profound liberation found in releasing deeply entrenched burdens. Jen’s empathetic and insightful guidance delves into the core of feeling addicted to the search for spiritual fulfillment, addressing the common yet often unspoken struggle many face in their quest for spiritual clarity and enlightenment. Through a compassionate lens, Jen elucidates the process of shedding the heavy layers that we metaphorically wear – akin to bulky sweaters that weigh us down emotionally and spiritually, revealing the innate freedom that lies beneath.

Jen’s approach is both nurturing and powerful, as she leads through a series of energetic releases and taps that serve to dismantle the walls of confusion, emotional turmoil, and the sense of being spiritually lost. These practices highlight the importance of aligning with your own vibratory rate, recognizing that true spiritual growth cannot be found through external validation or following myriad spiritual paths that do not resonate with your inner truth. The session becomes a beacon of hope, showcasing the transformation that occurs when you shift from seeking spiritual enlightenment outside yourself to recognizing and cultivating the infinite spiritual wealth within.

The session culminates in a powerful realization of personal empowerment and spiritual providence. Jen masterfully guides the client to embrace her spiritual journey not as a relentless search, but as a celebration of her unique spiritual vibrancy and potential. Through the practices shared, you will learn to release attachments to the idea of spiritual searching, embracing instead the joy and freedom of being authentically aligned with your spiritual essence. This session is not just a healing experience but a profound invitation to step into your spiritual sovereignty, making peace with the journey and opening up to the boundless possibilities of spiritual awakening and self-realization.

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