Breaking up fibroid tumors

Discover profound insights and healing strategies for adult children of alcoholics in Jen Ward’s transformative session on family dynamics and growth.


In the enlightening video Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward introduce viewers to a profound energy healing session, focusing on the intricate connection between emotional wellbeing and physical health, particularly regarding fibroid tumors. Jen, with her unique spiritual and intuitive approach, dives into the complexities of how emotional issues and past traumas can manifest physically in the body. She elucidates the often overlooked aspect of healing, where emotional blockages and unresolved issues can significantly impact one’s physical health.

Throughout the private energy healing session with a client, Jen employs her distinctive tapping techniques, which are designed to release emotional and energetic blockages. These techniques are central to her practice and offer viewers a practical method to address their own health issues. The session vividly demonstrates how tapping can aid in alleviating physical symptoms by addressing their emotional and energetic roots. This process not only focuses on the specific issue of fibroid tumors but also extends to a holistic view of health and wellbeing, encouraging a deeper understanding and connection with one’s body.

Moreover, this session underscores the importance of acknowledging the connective tissue as a crucial energy system within the body. Jen’s insights into how this system interplays with the physical and emotional aspects of health offer a new perspective on holistic healing. The session is not just about tackling a specific medical issue; it’s a journey towards overall empowerment, self-awareness, and a transformative approach to health. Viewers are invited to explore the depths of their own health struggles through the lens of energy healing, making the video a valuable resource for anyone seeking a more profound understanding of their body’s innate healing abilities.

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