Correcting housing market imbalances

Join us in a movement to shift consciousness & address the housing crisis through transformative energy healing and SFT tapping.


In an era where the housing crisis looms as a stark reality for hundreds of millions, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward’s group SFT tapping event, “Correcting Housing Market Imbalances,” emerges as a beacon of transformative healing. This event meticulously intertwines the physical and etheric realms, addressing the deep-seated energies that perpetuate the disparities in housing accessibility. With a profound understanding of the crisis’s roots, Marvin and Jen guide participants through a series of SFT tapping sessions designed to shift the collective consciousness towards recognizing quality, affordable housing as a universal right, not a privilege for the few. This gathering is not just an event but a movement towards awakening and empowering individuals to envision and enact change in the housing market.

The session delves into the concept of housing as a fundamental human right, challenging long-held societal norms that view property and real estate primarily as vehicles for wealth creation. Through heartfelt discussions and energetic practices, Marvin and Jen illuminate the detrimental impact of such perceptions on the collective psyche and the environment. The event is a call to action, urging participants to contribute their energy towards healing the imbalance. By tapping into collective energies and intentions, the event dismantles the barriers that have made the housing crisis a pervasive issue, paving the way for a future where everyone has access to safe and loving homes.

“Correcting Housing Market Imbalances” transcends traditional approaches to solving the housing crisis by integrating spiritual wisdom with practical solutions. It’s a testament to the power of group energy work in manifesting societal change, offering participants not only insights into the complexities of the housing market but also equipping them with energetic tools for personal and collective healing. This event is a pivotal step in re-imagining your relationship with the earth and each other, fostering a world where the act of caretaking a home resonates with the sovereignty and love every individual deserves. Through this transformative tapping event, Marvin and Jen not only address the symptoms of the housing crisis but also seed the fertile ground for a profound paradigm shift in how we perceive and attain housing for all.

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