Dismantling project 2025

Explore how Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider use SFT tapping to combat Project 2025’s negative energy and promote democracy and universal empowerment in this insightful Jenuine Healing group SFT tapping event.


In what is probably their most profound and important group SFT tapping event, world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, and Marvin Schneider tackle the ominous Project 2025 and its implications for democracy. The video dives deep into how the Heritage Foundation’s agenda can affect societal structures and the importance of dismantling negative energy streams associated with it. Jen and Marvin use SFT tapping to remove these harmful energies, protect democratic values, and highlight the manipulation of religion by conservative coalitions. They emphasize the need for aligning human laws with spiritual principles and reclaiming personal empowerment. By actively participating in this crucial work, you can contribute to a more enlightened and just society.

The discussion also touches on the symbolic reclamation of the color red, urging individuals to overcome fear and stand up for democratic principles. The hosts stress the significance of spiritual law, transcending traditional religious doctrines to uphold universal empowerment. They call for collective action, encouraging viewers to join the Declaration of Universal Interdependence Facebook group page and participate in meaningful dialogue.

Jen and Marvin’s conversation is not only a call to action but a source of hope. It shows that through energy work and collective effort, it is possible to thwart negative influences and foster a brighter future. Their insights inspire viewers to take small yet impactful steps toward defending democracy and promoting universal well-being.

Quotable Quotes

The interesting thing, Jen, is that we had programmed and scheduled this group tapping event for about a week from now, but we are recording this on July 7, 2024 because of the attention on the issue.”

“The political machine behind MAGA has all of a sudden worked out that Project 2025 stinks like no one’s business.”

“Jesus is alive in energy to communicate with, not just to believe and lord it over others, but to have a true heart-to-heart conversation with Jesus.”

“If evil were to show up in its true face, people would run from it. They would have nothing to do with it.”

“The vitality and strength of the red band of light have been monopolized and gutted from the American flag.”

“Democracy takes back the vitality and empowerment that the light band red contains.”

“Every one of you is a member of Who. And you have to use your voice and get past that programming and conditioning.”

“Our friend Ben Meiselas is doing his thing, but algorithms are all manipulated by MAGA supporters.”

“The average individual assumes that their integrity is still there in the court systems, and it’s not.”

“The work we’re doing here is bringing back the integrity of the rule of law and democracy.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Context of Project 2025
00:02:43 Explanation of SFT Tapping and Energy Work
00:08:14 Clarification on Akashic Records and Reincarnation
00:17:14 Beginning of SFT Tapping Session
00:26:44 Addressing Nazi Germany and Historical Parallels
00:38:01 Confronting Evil in Project 2025
00:49:50 Tackling Conservative Agendas and Militarization
01:00:00 Discussing Jesus and Religious Manipulation
01:07:40 Reclaiming Democracy and American Symbolism
01:15:39 Censorship and Information Manipulation
01:23:54 Mass Awakening and Overcoming Attempts to Suppress It
01:30:38 Energy Matrices and Protecting Democracy
01:35:41 Infusing Positive Vibrations into Democracy
01:38:35 Participants Share Experiences of Tapping Session
01:43:46 Call to Action and Importance of Contribution

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