Dismantling Xi oppression

Join us in a groundbreaking event to break free from Xi’s oppressive regime. Experience collective healing and empower a global movement for freedom!


In a groundbreaking and deeply transformative event, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, lead the “Dismantling Xi Oppression” group SFT tapping session. This event stands out as a beacon of hope and empowerment, targeting the oppressive regime of Xi Jinping in China. Through the power of Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping Jen and Marvin liberate not just the 1.4 billion people under Xi’s oppressive rule but also set a precedent for global freedom and democracy. The session unfolds against the backdrop of profound spiritual insight, where the ancient wisdom of Chinese culture and the modern plight of its people under autocracy are addressed with empathy and a deep understanding of energy dynamics.

Jen Ward’s expertise in energy healing, combined with Marvin’s insightful introductions, creates a potent environment for transformation. The event meticulously tackles the nuanced differences between various global dictators, with a particular focus on Xi Jinping’s misuse of power and the cultural exploitation that sustains his regime. This approach not only highlights the specific challenges faced by the Chinese people but also underlines the universal struggle against dictatorship. The use of SFT tapping as a tool for liberation is both innovative and deeply symbolic, reflecting Jen’s philosophy that empowerment can be achieved through the intentional redirection of energy.

The “Dismantling Xi Oppression” event is more than just a session on energy healing; it’s a powerful statement on the potential of collective human efforts to challenge and overcome tyranny. As participants engage in tapping, they’re not only working towards their personal liberation from subconscious blocks but are also contributing to a collective energy shift towards freedom and enlightenment. This event marks a significant moment in the ongoing struggle for human rights and dignity, offering a unique blend of spiritual healing and political activism. It embodies the hope that through unity, empathy, and the strategic use of energy healing, oppressive regimes can be dismantled, and a new era of freedom can dawn for people across the globe.

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