Doggy motherhood issues

This Jenuine Healing private session reveals a dog’s fear of motherhood from past trauma, offering healing through energy taps, and exploring the joy of healing.


In a heartfelt Jenuine Healing private session led by the renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a touching narrative unfolds around Casey, a dog grappling with deep-seated fears rooted in a past life experience. The session reveals Casey’s intense fear of motherhood, stemming from her previous life’s trauma of being exploited for breeding. This revelation comes to light as Casey’s owner seeks guidance, hoping to understand her pet’s distress. Jen Ward, with her profound empathy and spiritual insight, identifies the core issue: Casey’s hormonal imbalances and emotional turmoil are triggered by memories of forced breeding, leading to a state of constant fear and anxiety. This session showcases Jen’s unique approach to healing, where she communicates directly with Casey’s soul, offering solace and understanding to both the pet and her owner.

Jen’s healing process is both intricate and spiritually guided, focusing on releasing Casey’s past traumas through a series of SFT taps. These taps are not just meant for Casey but also serve as a guide for her owner to participate actively in the healing journey. The session delves into the emotional scars left by Casey’s exploitation, addressing the shame, fear, and trauma associated with her past. Jen’s compassionate method of healing illuminates the profound connection between past life experiences and present-day emotional challenges, offering a path to liberation and peace for Casey. Through this process, Jen emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting the emotional depth and spiritual history of our animal companions.

As the session progresses, an unexpected but hopeful perspective emerges: the possibility of Casey embracing motherhood on her own terms. This idea is introduced with sensitivity and care, suggesting that experiencing motherhood could serve as a healing journey for Casey, allowing her to rewrite her narrative with love and joy. The discussion extends beyond Casey’s healing, touching on broader themes of love, family, and the interconnectedness of all beings. Jen Ward’s approach transcends traditional healing methodologies, inviting us to view our relationships with our pets as deeply spiritual connections that offer mutual growth, healing, and understanding. Through this session, Jen not only aids in Casey’s healing but also sheds light on the broader implications of our actions and choices on the well-being of our animal companions, encouraging a path of empathy, respect, and unconditional love.

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