Empaths, vampires and monsters

Embrace your essence & limitless potential for growth. Transform fear into love, find strength in vulnerability, and connect deeply with your true self.


In this deeply transformative session with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a journey through emotional release and spiritual empowerment unfolds, illuminating the path for personal growth and healing. The session begins with an intimate dialogue, revealing the client’s feelings of disconnection and a lack of presence in her daily actions, signaling an inner turmoil that demands attention. Through the guidance of Jen, the client embarks on a powerful process of releasing self-imposed limitations and the shackles of ego, utilizing the SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) protocols. This methodology allows for the vocal and energetic liberation from deep-seated beliefs of inadequacy, self-criticism, and the external need for validation.

As the session progresses, Jen and the client delve into the significance of self-perception and the impact of societal conditioning on her sense of worth and love. By addressing the false narratives imposed by ego and societal expectations, they work to dismantle the barriers to self-love and acceptance. The conversation evolves into a profound exploration of your connection to the divine and the omnipresent love that surrounds and supports you beyond the human constructs of relationship and approval. This part of the session emphasizes the importance of recognizing and embracing the love that emanates from within and the natural world, challenging the conventional reliance on external sources for love and validation.

The culmination of the session brings forth a powerful realization of the client’s innate strength, resilience, and capacity for change. Jen skillfully navigates the client through the process of acknowledging her omnipotence and her ability to transcend the programming of need, fear, and limitation. Through a series of affirmations and energetic cleanses, they address the root causes of disempowerment, fear of empowerment, and the deep-seated patterns that hinder personal and collective evolution. This transformative journey not only facilitates a profound shift within the client but also serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for others, encouraging the embrace of one’s true essence and the limitless potential for growth and healing.


00:00:00 Opening Greetings and Emotional Uncertainty
00:01:50 Seeking Healing and Understanding Disconnection
00:03:53 Sound Healing and Its Emotional Impact
00:06:15 Addressing the Need for External Love and Validation
00:13:21 Empowerment and Releasing Fear
00:16:31 Navigating Empathy, Empowerment, and Frustration
00:18:46 Releasing Collective Burdens and Suffering
00:25:38 Confronting and Releasing Societal and Personal Fears
00:32:23 Empowerment in Personal Boundaries and Self-Worth
00:40:59 Addressing Personal and Ancestral Traumas
00:42:47 Healing and Empowerment Techniques
00:57:04 Navigating Relationships and Boundaries
00:58:42 Past Life Insights and Healing
01:02:12 Empowering Future Generations
01:11:49 Concluding Reflections and Gratitude

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