Empowered parenting

Navigate co-parenting challenges, release unhelpful family dynamics, and boldly create a life where you and your children can thrive. Reclaim your power and follow your truth.


In this powerful Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides her client through releasing blockages and standing in her power as she navigates a challenging situation with her ex husband wanting to uproot their children’s lives. Jen offers invaluable advice on advocating for the kids’ wellbeing, detaching from unsupportive family dynamics, and aligning her livelihood with her values.

Through their work together, the client is able to gain clarity on her priorities, release guilt and feelings of intimidation, and embrace her strength as a conscious parent. She explores exciting possibilities for creating a life that allows her children to thrive.

This video offers inspiration for anyone facing difficult co-parenting situations, unsupportive family structures, or feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job. Jen’s grounded wisdom and compassionate approach will empower viewers to transcend limitations and boldly forge a path true to their highest vision.

Quotable Quotes

“My sense is in energy, he senses that you have the upper hand with the kids and this is his kind of way of wielding control.”

“So you do a good job of staying neutral as far as not letting them feel bad about their father. But the thing is when you embolden him you have got to make sure you don’t embolden the behavior.”

“You’re stronger than he is.”

“So what you’re doing is buckling down and forgetting that. And what’s happening now is you’re getting emotional and feeling this is overwhelming. But what you have to do is separate this one lifetime.”

“You’re going to have to hit some of these people with truth.”

“So the universe isn’t just looking out for you, the universe wants them to have this dynamic life because it’s taking them away from the alternative.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:04 The Ex Wanting to Move Kids Out of State
00:03:47 Differences in Parenting Approaches
00:09:52 Getting a Child Advocate
00:16:03 Not Being Intimidated by the Ex
00:18:46 Family Ganging Up with the Ex
00:24:10 Focusing on This Lifetime vs. Past Lives
00:26:50 Ex Creating Psychic Energy
00:36:23 Suggestions for Dealing with the Ex
00:41:07 Removing Blockages to Leaving Family Control
00:44:36 Dissipating Stagnant Energy
00:56:28 Releasing Guilt and Abomination Energy
01:02:34 Family Experiencing Consequences
01:10:01 Considering New Job Possibilities

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