Empowering educational journeys

Jen Ward guides a parent through fears of homeschooling, offering innovative solutions and a vision of education as a journey of empowerment.


In the heartwarming and transformative Jenuine Healing private session titled “Empowering Educational Journeys,” world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides a concerned parent through the emotional and practical labyrinth of homeschooling her children. As the parent grapples with the fear of unconventional paths and the overwhelming responsibility of education, Jen, with her profound empathy and spiritual insight, illuminates the boundless possibilities that lie beyond traditional schooling. Through gentle encouragement and a deep understanding of the parent’s anxieties, Jen opens a door to an alternative educational landscape that promises flexibility, empowerment, and a tailored learning experience that honors the unique potentials of each child.

Jen’s approach in this session goes beyond mere educational advice; it ventures into the spiritual and emotional realms, addressing the parent’s fears and aspirations with the compassion and wisdom she is renowned for. She proposes innovative solutions like forming educational co-ops, exploring charter school resources, and even the exciting prospect of the parent becoming a private educator. These suggestions are not just practical solutions but are imbued with the spirit of breaking free from societal norms, embracing change, and trusting in one’s capabilities to forge a new path. Jen’s vision for education is a vibrant tapestry of creativity, individualized learning, and joyous discovery, where the parent and children alike are empowered to explore their passions and grow in harmony with their true selves.

“Empowering Educational Journeys” is a testament to Jen Ward’s extraordinary ability to transform fear and uncertainty into excitement and empowerment. The session underscores the importance of viewing education not as a one-size-fits-all model but as a dynamic, evolving journey that adapts to the needs and strengths of each child. Jen’s guidance serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging parents to envision a future where education is a liberating, enriching experience that cultivates creativity, independence, and a deep love for learning. Through this session, Jen not only offers a roadmap for educational success outside the conventional system but also reaffirms her commitment to supporting families in nurturing whole, happy, and empowered individuals.

Quotable Quotes

“It is exciting to kind of go off the norm, but…”

“You can try this for a year and then you will be a different person in a year. You might even end up chartering your own school in a year.”

“The whole construct of the establishment is like suffocating people. It’s almost like the world needs a million or a billion of you, people to break out of the establishment, so you can’t be controlled in that.”

“It’s almost like teachers are being strongarmed into breeding ignorance.”

“You know we’ve done so many dynamic sessions, I’m always afraid I’m going to disappoint you in the session.”

“It always goes down a path I never expect. But it’s so funny because it always correlates to what I’m experiencing in my life, where I’m like, that resonates. That resonates.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:36 Breaking Free from Conformity
00:02:49 Personalized Learning Based on Children's Strengths
00:04:39 Family Dynamics and Homeschooling Support
00:06:37 Empowerment and Synergy with Jenuine Healing
00:08:15 Dampening the Sponge to Empowerment
00:09:12 Reflecting on Parental Love and Support
00:11:33 Releasing Competition and Resentment
00:16:01 The Khmer Rouge and Its Impact on Children
00:19:49 Q Anon and Nefarious Intentions
00:29:39 Tips for Engaging and Challenging Children
00:33:47 Breaking Free from the Establishment
00:41:44 Releasing Trauma and Fear
00:50:34 Becoming an Avatar of Humanity
00:53:46 Synergizing Avatars to Awaken the World
00:57:58 Wrapping Up and Final Thoughts

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