Empowering survivors of sexual abuse

Join us in a powerful healing journey as we tackle trauma, empowerment, and confronting the past. Find strength, support, and resilience in this transformative Jenuine Healing session.


In this video, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider delve into a deeply emotional and empowering Jenuine Healing private session focusing on survivors of sexual abuse. This session is particularly significant as it addresses the complex layers of trauma associated with rape, not only from this lifetime but also from past lifetimes, emphasizing the pervasive and long-lasting impact of such experiences. Jen’s approach is centered on enabling the client, and by extension, the audience, to reclaim their power and voice, transcending the victim mentality that often accompanies survivors of sexual abuse. By facilitating a surrogate healing process, Jen offers a beacon of hope and validation for countless individuals who have suffered in silence, underscoring the session’s potential to heal humanity on a profound level.

The private energy healing session is characterized by its raw and unfiltered exploration of the violence and violation inherent in rape. Jen guides the client through a series of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps that confront the brutality of the act in an unapologetically vivid manner. This approach is designed not to re-traumatize but to validate and release the pent-up anger, shame, and powerlessness that survivors often bear. The explicit nature of the taps addresses the physical and emotional degradation inflicted by rape, providing a cathartic outlet for the client and, by extension, viewers who resonate with her experience. Jen’s empathetic yet powerful facilitation underscores the importance of confronting these harsh realities to initiate genuine healing and reclaim one’s sense of self-worth and autonomy.

Furthermore, the session illuminates the broader implications of sexual abuse, touching on societal, legal, and familial dynamics that often compound the survivor’s trauma. The client’s journey from feeling diminished and powerless to a state of empowerment and advocacy not only charts a path of personal recovery but also offers a critical commentary on the systemic failings that allow such abuses to perpetuate. Jen and Marvin’s discussion encapsulates the transformative potential of energy healing, advocating for a collective shift in consciousness that honors and uplifts survivors. This episode stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of spiritual healing to restore dignity, strength, and peace to those who have been silenced and marginalized.

Quotable Quotes

“She’s a surrogate for every rape victim who just doesn’t want to hear the internal talk that she deserved it.”

“Anyone who’s out there who’s been validated, even if they have never told anyone, can do these taps.”

“She is so pissed at male energy that she’s saying these taps with such vengeance, she’s saying them for woman kind.”

“This is past life rages accumulated.”

“You know how many people who have been raped can benefit from this session?”

“I can see this video helping women who have been dancing around being raped and can’t address it head-on.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:43 The importance of this session for rape survivors
00:02:07 Client's background and meeting with lawyers
00:04:04 The power of the client's taps for all rape victims
00:06:05 Past life engrams and their relevance to the present
00:07:43 The client's progression from victim to empowerment
00:09:59 The client's commitment to inner work
00:11:36 Gratitude for adversity as a path to empowerment
00:12:24 Sharing the session to help others
00:13:09 The transformative nature of Jenuine Healing sessions
00:14:58 Addressing concerns about the session's content
00:15:27 Beginning of the private session
00:55:15 Reflecting on the power of the session

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