Empowering survivors of sexual abuse

Join us in a powerful healing journey as we tackle trauma, empowerment, and confronting the past. Find strength, support, and resilience in this transformative Jenuine Healing session.


Join world renowned energy healer Jen Ward as she works with a client in a powerful journey of healing and empowerment. Through SFT tapping and energetic cleansing, Jen helps her client release deep-seated trauma and reclaims her strength. Witness the transformative process as she confronts past pain, stands up against injustice, and discovers her true power. This inspiring healing session resonates with women who have experienced similar struggles, offering hope and empowerment. Dive into this episode to witness the immense strength and resilience of survivors, and learn how to heal and reclaim your power.

Show notes

  1. Trauma and Healing: A deep dive into a challenging and emotional past life trauma, addressing the aftermath of an act of sexual assault.
  2. SFT Tapping: The core of the healing session involves completing a series of SFT taps as affirmations and the power it holds. Empowering statements such as ”We are the badass in all moments,” and ”We are the advocates for Truth in All Moments” are repeated to strengthen conviction and resilience.
  3. Overcoming Trauma: Jen encourages the client to take back her power by releasing the pain, reliving the trauma, and ultimately engaging in the healing process.
  4. Stronger After Trauma: Through the pain, Jen constantly reminds the client how strong the trauma has made her, fostering an overall positive and empowering message despite past life trauma of sexual abuse.
  5. Helping Other Victims: By discussing the idea of sharing the healing session with public and highlighting how it could help others dealing with similar trauma, Jen positions the client’s experience as a beacon of hope for others.

Viewer Discretion is Advised: Sexual abuse and trauma is ugly, and so is the imagery that it invokes. A trigger warning is necessary due to the explicit content covering topics of sexual assault and trauma.

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