Feeling like a lost soul

Jen Ward’s healing session reveals how pets mirror our emotions, leading both a client and her dog, Diamond, on a transformative journey of release.


In a heartwarming and transformative private session facilitated by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a client and her dog, Diamond, embark on a profound journey of healing and self-discovery. This session, titled “Feeling Like a Lost Soul,” delves into the intricate bond between the client and Diamond, revealing how our emotional states and unresolved issues can significantly affect our pets. Jen’s intuitive approach uncovers that Diamond’s anxiety and behavior stem from mirroring her owner’s deep-seated feelings of abandonment and the stress of managing life’s challenges. Through the SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps, Jen guides both the client and Diamond to release these heavy burdens, fostering a nurturing environment for healing.

Jen’s empathetic and skilled healing methods illuminate the interconnectedness of emotional well-being between humans and their pets. As the session unfolds, it becomes evident that Diamond has taken on her owner’s emotions, reflecting feelings of being a lost soul, forgotten, and abandoned due to the owner’s demanding work schedule and past traumas. Jen carefully addresses these issues, applying SFT taps directly to Diamond and encouraging the owner to participate, creating a powerful synergy of release and relief. This process not only aids in alleviating Diamond’s anxiety but also helps the client confront and let go of her own deep-seated fears and pain, reinforcing the healing impact of their bond.

The session transitions into a beautiful exploration of love, belonging, and the power of healing sound frequencies. Jen’s compassionate guidance helps the client and Diamond navigate through their shared journey of recovery, emphasizing the importance of positive affirmation and the role of empathy in healing. By addressing past life traumas and establishing a sense of security and purpose for Diamond, Jen fosters a shift in perspective for the client, highlighting her strength and resilience. The session culminates in a profound realization of the spiritual quest for higher consciousness and belonging, leaving both the client and Diamond with a renewed sense of hope, empowerment, and an unbreakable bond. Jen Ward’s facilitation not only transforms their lives but also serves as an inspiring testament to the healing power of love, understanding, and connection between humans and their animal companions.

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