From diagnosis to divine purpose

Explore the spiritual roots of dis-ease and reconnect with self-love and empowerment to support profound healing.


In this deeply moving Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides her client on a journey to uncover and release the emotional and spiritual blockages related to a recent health diagnosis. Through a powerful combination of past life revelations, energetic cleansing, and tapping techniques, they explore how trauma from lifetimes in insane asylums and slaughterhouses, as well as generational patterns of self-hatred and oppression, have contributed to the manifestation of dis-ease in the present.

Jen’s intuitive insights reveal the client’s true nature as a gifted seer who has unconsciously used drama and illness to process her sensitivity. By releasing these core issues and reconnecting with self-love and empowerment, the client is able to shift her relationship with the diagnosis and open to the possibility of profound healing. This session is a testament to the transformative power of addressing the spiritual roots of physical imbalances.

Through practical advice on navigating medical treatment and emphasis on not identifying with the diagnosis, Jen supports her client in embodying a new perspective on her journey. This video offers hope and inspiration for anyone facing health challenges, demonstrating that by courageously confronting our deepest wounds and embracing our soul’s purpose, we can catalyze remarkable healing and growth.

Quotable Quotes

“So what’s happening with your diagnosis, so in the PB&J cleanse, there’s two subjects instead of one. There’s peanut butter and jelly. So what you wanna do in this set of taps is you wanna put the diagnosis that you have now with being clinically insane.”

“So you feel my love and support? I do. I do. See, you’re not alone. You can just tap into that anytime.”

“So don’t ever say the C word. Don’t ever use the C word. Don’t ever call it mine. Don’t do anything like that. It’s just an issue you’re dealing with.”

“Humanity’s self-hatred, self-disgust with themselves is the commonality. That’s what connects us as the collective, is humanity. We’re all disgusted by humans.”

“So the diagnosis is that you are a dynamic seer. You are open to energy. You get what I’m doing and you feel it.”

“Because unless you got this diagnosis, you wouldn’t have come back for a session to get these core issues to free yourself from this. You see how it could have been a blessing?”


00:00:00 Introduction and Initial Release
00:04:56 Past Life in an Insane Asylum
00:10:06 Releasing the Trauma of Slaughterhouses
00:18:48 Disconnecting Diagnosis from Drama
00:22:17 Releasing the White Man's Curse
00:27:46 Removing Blockages to Self-Love
00:33:39 Practical Advice for Treatment
00:39:45 Recognizing the Client's Gifts
00:44:47 Releasing Internalized Hatred
00:48:44 Generational Self-Hatred Pattern
00:51:11 Hysteria and Banshees
00:54:02 Empowered Intentions for Healing
00:58:12 Dancing as a Whirling Dervish
01:00:11 Resonating with Self-Love
01:05:11 Session Recap and Next Steps

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