Healing beyond time

Unlock the power of healing across lifetimes, embracing timeless wisdom and love for profound spiritual freedom and inner transformation.


“Healing Beyond Time” is a transformative session designed to navigate the depths of the soul’s journey, addressing and releasing traumas, patterns, and blockages that span across lifetimes. Guided by the principles of Jen Ward’s Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT), this session embarks on a profound exploration of the self, unraveling the complex tapestry of emotional, spiritual, and ancestral wounds. In this Jenuine Healing private session, the client is led through a series of SFT taps, each meticulously crafted to sever ties with past sorrows, heal ancestral wounds, and reconcile with historical collective traumas, thereby facilitating a liberation from the karmic cycles that bind the spirit.

The session is anchored in the belief that true healing and spiritual awakening transcend the confines of time and physical existence. By acknowledging and addressing the pains and patterns inherited from past lives, as well as those passed down through generations, “Healing Beyond Time” seeks to heal not just the individual but also the collective human consciousness. It opens a gateway for you to tap into the timeless wisdom and love that resides within, promoting a deep inner transformation that echoes across the ages.

Furthermore, “Healing Beyond Time” is not just about releasing and healing; it’s about empowerment and reconnection to the higher self that exists beyond the temporal boundaries. Through this session, you are encouraged to embrace your eternal nature, integrating the strength, wisdom, and compassion of your higher self from all lifetimes into your present being. This session is a call to step into the fullness of your spiritual power, to live with an open heart, and to move forward with the knowledge that healing is not just a journey back in time but a path leading towards a luminous future.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:45 Building Up to Emotional Release
00:05:29 Tapping into Historical and Gender Energies
00:11:20 Confronting Past Lifetimes and Collective Cruelties
00:16:47 Healing and Releasing Collective Traumas
00:24:28 Addressing Personal and Collective Guilt and Shame
00:32:24 Releasing Emotional Burdens
00:34:51 Embracing Unconditional Love
00:38:47 Addressing Deep-Seated Fears and Traumas
00:43:43 Exploring Past Lives and Religious Conditioning
00:50:23 Empowering Female Energy
00:53:41 Balancing Male and Female Energies
01:01:56 Removing Blockages to Love
01:06:27 Approving and Appreciating Our Children
01:07:16 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude

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