Healing generational trauma

Jen Ward guides a client through healing generational trauma, releasing the slave mentality, and setting boundaries to strengthen his relationship and reclaim his power.


In this powerful Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides a client through a transformative journey of healing generational trauma and reclaiming personal power. The client, struggling with a recent conflict in his relationship, discovers that his brother, an enemy from a past life, has been manipulating his partner and sabotaging their connection.

Through a series of SFT taps, Jen helps the client release negative energy patterns, break karmic contracts, and empower himself to set healthy boundaries. The session delves into the client’s past life as a slave, revealing how the “slave mentality” has carried over into his current relationships and his sense of obligation to his family.

Jen emphasizes the importance of prioritizing love bonds over karmic connections and gives the client permission to let go of the shackles preventing him from being a sovereign being. This video offers profound insights and practical tools for anyone seeking to heal generational wounds, strengthen their relationships, and embrace their authentic selves.

Quotable Quotes

“Your brother is able to perceive energy as well. He knows your husband’s weakness of wanting to belong.”

“You shut down that opening, and then it affords you the energy to help so many more people who are going to appreciate you.”

“Your grandfather is talking to me right now. And he’s explaining to me something. It’s going to sound weird coming from a white chick.”

“If you allow your brother to take you down, to diminish you, then you won’t be able to pull up all those black men, gay men, relationships, all those people who are trying to succeed, right?”

“The image I got and the sensation I got was you, the brother, and your partner all being shackled together in a line.”

“And you have permission from me, but mostly from yourself, your higher self, and your grandfather to do what you need to do to be happy and let go of this bond, this shackle that’s preventing you from being a sovereign being.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:47 The Energy Dance Between Partners
00:02:57 The Client's Problematic Relationship With His Brother
00:05:01 The Brother's Jealousy And Manipulation
00:12:14 Releasing The Fear Of Letting Family Down
00:17:38 The Grandfather's Message And The Slave Mentality
00:22:22 Thwarting The Brother's Attempts To Poison The Relationship
00:29:03 Nullifying Contracts With The Brother
00:30:33 Releasing The Slave Mentality
00:38:52 Refusing To Allow The Partner To Be Leveraged
00:44:56 A Past Life Of Slavery And Shackles
00:48:44 Shifting From Karmic Connections To Love Bonds
00:52:14 Dissipating Psychic Attacks And Transcending Resentment
00:57:21 Permission To Let Go And Be Happy

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