Healing the wounds of slavery

Energy healer Jen Ward guides client to release slavery trauma from past lives through tapping. Removes engrams of inhuman treatment, confronts internalized racism, and uplifts with divine love.


In a powerful one-on-one session, world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward tackles the profound trauma carried by many people of color from past lives of enslavement. Through her unique approach combining tapping, affirmations, and an uncompromising look at the brutality endured, Jen guides her client in releasing engrams of being hunted, shackled, beaten and stripped of human dignity.

The session delves fearlessly into charged topics like the client’s past life curses on slave owners, internalized beliefs of inferiority, and the impact of racial slurs, all while holding a compassionate space for deep healing. Jen helps the client break karmic cycles by resonating with divine love and wholeness.

While the subject matter is heavy, the overall arc is one of upliftment – removing long-held energetic baggage so the client and the collective consciousness of people of color can step into their power and brilliance. Jen’s work provides a model for how energy healing can support humanity in facing and releasing even our darkest, most painful histories.

Quotable Quotes

“The thing I do is I see your most horrific lifetimes and how they’re laid on right now. And right now, I’m with you on a slave ship and you’re just like piled up in bodies.”

“What you need to know is anyone who caused you pain, you don’t need to do anything. You basically have to get out of the way and let the energies that they put out there come back to them.”

“Black magic is charged thoughts with emotion. These thoughts are like mind flocks of revenge.”

“I’m sorry to even say this to you, but these are core things. We release wanting to be white; in all moments.”

“There’s something about me saying it and taking that ugliness with my voice… We release the trauma of being called “n*****”; in all moments.”

“So, with that, I saw a lot of black people in hell. The hell of the Christian understanding. We’re going to pull them out of hell right now. This is important. Do you see how this is important?”

“Where God felt forsaken and love of family and connection felt forsaken, feel my love there. Know that you’re worthy, beautiful, and amazing. Relax in that knowingness.”

“I pulled out all the heat from it.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:19 Beginning the Healing Session
00:01:53 Seeing the Client's Horrific Past Life on a Slave Ship
00:06:59 Engram of Running from Captors
00:13:18 Releasing the Trauma of Inhuman Treatment
00:21:37 Curses Put on Slave Owners Boomeranging Back
00:23:36 Identifying a Past Life Connection with an Abusive Boss
00:32:35 Releasing Internalized Hate and Beliefs of Inferiority
00:41:01 Addressing the N-Word and Releasing Its Traumatic Charge
00:52:05 Explaining Carrying Collective Pain Despite Geographic Separation
00:55:07 Karmic Cycles Between People of Color and Slavery
01:02:59 Removing Engrams of Slavery and Discrimination
01:04:36 Closing the Session with Divine Love and Support

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