Heaven and Hell

Jen Ward guides her client to release past life trauma, reclaim power, and embrace their truth through SFT tapping in this transformative Jenuine Healing session.


In this powerful Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides her client through a transformative journey of releasing past life trauma and reclaiming their power. Using the technique of SFT tapping, Jen helps her client address deep-seated issues related to religious abuse, involvement with a coven, and feelings of being trapped between the forces of good and evil.

Throughout the session, Jen skillfully navigates the client’s complex emotions and experiences, providing a safe and supportive space for healing to occur. She emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s own truth and wisdom, rather than being beholden to external ideologies or belief systems.

As the session unfolds, the client is able to release shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs that have held them back from fully stepping into their power. Jen’s compassionate and insightful guidance helps the client to see their past experiences in a new light, and to recognize their inherent worthiness and potential. By the end of the session, the client is left with a renewed sense of clarity, confidence, and purpose, ready to move forward on their path with grace and ease.

Quotable Quotes

“You are still struggle with your own sense of worth.”

“So in those days you thought that Jesus was the absolute truth. But you’re the absolute truth. You are. Direct knowing and truth comes through you.”

“It’s almost like you missed the moment because you’ve learned how to check out so you don’t have to face stuff and so you don’t have to deal with people.”

“It doesn’t matter who it is, anyone who is mean to you, who mocks you, who is a little bit nasty, is part of your past. And we have to knock them out of your energy.”

“A lot of people who delve into witchcraft or whatever, they’re running away from the Roman Catholic Church or that because they’ve been abused.”

“I can release people’s pain and trauma without shoving their face into it. Which is beautiful because I can release them from the past and see it and feel it for them, and give them enough to help them free it for themselves through the SFT protocol without them having to go to the depth of despair that these things represent.”

“Right now, you’re looking at everything right here in front of you. And that’s interfering with you staring. You have to look down the road, the trajectory of yourself.”

“It’s almost like trying to explain a dream, a very deep dream where great things are happening. That becomes your life. Your life becomes a dream and you can’t explain everything that’s coming together to make you a more empowered being.”

“You just hang onto your hat and keep doing the taps and we’ll see what happens, okay?”

“Please do yourself the favor because each time you either get immediate results and then there’s more further down the line that just goes beyond this session.”


00:00:00 Introducing the Healing Session
00:00:25 Releasing Hills and Valleys
00:00:55 Struggle with Self-Worth
00:02:45 Past Life Bible Reference
00:04:14 Releasing Sitting on the Side of Truth
00:05:07 Trauma of Being Left-Handed
00:08:05 Recanting Vows to the Catholic Church
00:10:26 Removing the Curse of Original Sin
00:11:45 Feeling Evil for Liking Snakes
00:14:34 Releasing Disassociation and Checking Out
00:17:11 Removing Blockages to Being Energetically Ambidextrous
00:19:23 Releasing Feeling Cast Out and Trapped
00:26:59 Indoctrination and Radicalization by the Coven
00:33:41 Being Trapped as a Ghost Between Worlds
00:40:49 Reclaiming Innocence and Repairing Wings
00:54:53 Transcending Good and Evil Duality
01:08:23 Knocking Out People Who Mock You
01:13:47 Doing a PB&J on Amazon and the Coven
01:18:15 Closing the Session with Empowering Affirmations

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