Indigenous healing

Experience transformative healing for Indigenous peoples worldwide. Over 100 SFT taps aim to reconcile deep wounds, elevate consciousness, and foster global unity.


The Indigenous Healing Group SFT Tapping event represents a significant and empathetic approach to healing, particularly aimed at Indigenous peoples globally. Hosted by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider, this event coincides with Native American Heritage Day, underscoring its dedication to healing not just Native American First Nations, but Indigenous communities worldwide. The event delves deep into the wounds and injustices faced by these communities, addressing them through a series of over 100 specifically crafted SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps. Jen, with her profound connection and empathetic approach, ensures that the event is not just another healing session but a transformative journey towards higher consciousness and global reconciliation.

The event stands out for its unique approach in addressing Indigenous healing. Emphasizing a nonpartisan viewpoint, Jen carefully crafts the taps to resonate with the participants on multiple levels. These taps are designed to touch upon the pain and trauma experienced by Indigenous peoples due to historical injustices, while simultaneously ensuring that the process does not perpetuate a sense of victimization. This delicate balance allows participants to confront and heal from their past wounds while also elevating their consciousness. Marvin, complementing Jen’s expertise, facilitates the session, guiding you through each tap and ensuring a seamless flow of the event.

One of the most significant aspects of this event is its focus on correcting deep-rooted issues without causing harm or fostering negative energies. As Jen and Marvin guide you through the tapping process, they emphasize the corrective nature of the taps. These are not aimed at attacking or causing harm to any group but are intended to release negative energies and foster healing and understanding. The event thus becomes a powerful tool for Indigenous peoples and others who participate, offering a pathway to heal, reclaim dignity, and establish a deeper connection with their heritage and the land. The Indigenous Healing Group SFT Tapping Event is not just a healing session, but a step towards spiritual empowerment and global unity.

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