Love, laughter, and liberation!

Unearthing deep emotional traumas, this session guides you towards healing, opening the heart to love, and embracing the transformative power of laughter.


“Love, Laughter, and Liberation!” encapsulates a profound journey of healing and self-discovery, facilitated by world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward. This session dives deep into the heart of emotional traumas, unearthing layers of pain that span lifetimes, and meticulously works towards their release. Through a series of SFT taps and intuitive guidance, Jen and the client embark on a transformative path that not only aims to heal old wounds but also to open the space for new beginnings. The session intricately weaves through the themes of vulnerability, self-empowerment, and the reclaiming of joy and love in the client’s life, setting a tone of hope and renewal.

Central to this session is the exploration of the client’s barriers to love and intimacy, stemming from past experiences of betrayal and hurt. Jen skillfully guides the client through energy work designed to dismantle these barriers, encouraging an openness to vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness. This process is not just about healing from past relationships but also about preparing the client for future connections that are rooted in mutual respect, love, and laughter. The use of humor emerges as a powerful healing tool, lightening the emotional load and providing a unique perspective on navigating life’s challenges. The session underscores the healing power of laughter in transforming pain into joy, illustrating how it can break down walls around the heart and invite genuine connections.

Moreover, “Love, Laughter, and Liberation!” addresses the need for cultural and familial healing, acknowledging how societal expectations and ancestral traumas can shape your sense of self and belonging. The client is led through a series of taps that aim to release these external pressures, allowing for a deeper connection with her authentic self. This session is a testament to the interconnectedness of individual healing with collective and global energies, emphasizing that personal transformation can contribute to the healing of larger societal and global issues. Ultimately, the session is a celebration of the client’s journey towards embracing love without fear, finding liberation in laughter, and stepping into a life of empowered authenticity.


00:00:00 Opening Greetings and Exciting Plans
00:00:27 Dreams and Energy Work Insights
00:04:10 Addressing Personal Concerns and Health Issues
00:05:22 Exploring Love and Emotional Healing
00:26:55 Unveiling Past Traumas and Deep Healing
00:32:31 Embracing Love and Overcoming Past Fears
00:35:38 Navigating Through Pain with Laughter and Release
00:37:13 Laughter as a Healing Mechanism
00:40:02 Confronting and Releasing Deep-Seated Fears
00:43:39 Embracing Love and Releasing Cynicism
00:45:53 Releasing Seriousness for Healing and Laughter
00:47:40 Addressing and Releasing Deep Sexual Traumas
00:52:31 From Sacrifice to Empowerment
01:01:42 Reclaiming Love and Empowerment in Relationships
01:06:48 A New Beginning: Embracing Love and Laughter
01:10:46 Reflecting on the Session's Impact and Looking Forward

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