Outflowing with higher purpose

Participate in this transformative group SFT Tapping event during Pink Moon portal focuses on uplifting humanity, aligning vocation with higher purpose, and outflowing positive energy to the collective.


In this powerful video, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward lead a transformative group SFT Tapping event during the portal of the Pink Moon. The session focuses on uplifting humanity and guiding individuals to find and live their higher purpose. Throughout the event, Marvin and Jen emphasize the importance of shifting from a mindset of taking to one of giving and serving others.

The tapping affirmations aim to eliminate blockages, fears, and limiting beliefs that prevent people from aligning their vocation with their higher purpose and outflowing positive energy to the collective. Marvin and Jen discuss the significance of the Pink Moon portal in amplifying the energy of the tapping and the power of collective agreement in creating change.

Participants share their insights and experiences, highlighting the profound impact of the tapping session on their personal growth and understanding of their role in contributing to the greater good. This video serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of living in service to others and the transformative potential of SFT Tapping in helping individuals and humanity as a whole to evolve and thrive.

Quotable Quotes

“If 8 billion people would simply do that simple thing, then we’d all observe perpetual joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, success, world peace, everything that most people really want, but interestingly, not everyone is willing to put the effort into achieving.”

“Humans have been trained to take in. It’s an influence out for, I talk about it like the on setting on your vacuum cleaner. Are you going to blow out energy or are you going to suck stuff in?”

“The only way that we can nudge humanity into this trajectory is in energy. And the only way to do that is to participate with us here.”

“Higher consciousness, money is only one form of providence. There’s health, there’s enthusiasm, there’s incentive, there’s passion. There’s all these other things that should be taken into account that aren’t right now.”

“The only true joy out there is in tapping into the service and to being in that pocket of service.”

“It is all about service and you know, find your form.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:02:20 Significance of the Pink Moon Portal
00:04:45 Purpose of Life and Outflowing Energy
00:11:31 How SFT Tapping Works
00:12:42 Beginning the Tapping Session
00:18:10 Eliminating Selfish Takers
00:21:24 Shifting from Surviving to Thriving
00:29:04 Accessing Zero Point Energy Safely
00:33:17 Aligning Vocation with Purpose
00:46:39 Importance of Serving in Purpocation
00:55:56 Thwarting Deviations from Purpose
01:04:39 Transforming the Paradigm of the Lower Worlds
01:12:00 Activating a Universal Mandate for Higher Purpose
01:24:47 Infusing Sincerity, Integrity, Respect, and Gratitude
01:27:54 Reflections and Insights from Participants

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