Overcoming abuse and reclaiming power

Jen Ward guides her client through overcoming childhood sexual abuse using visualization, affirmations, and compassionate dialogue, emphasizing boundaries, self-love, and resilience.


In this deeply moving Jenuine Healing private session, Jen guides her client through a transformative process of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and reclaiming their innate power. Using a combination of visualization techniques, affirmations, and compassionate dialogue, Jen helps her client navigate the complex emotions and experiences associated with trauma, while offering practical tools for healing and self-discovery.

Throughout the session, Jen emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, honoring one’s emotions, and cultivating self-love. She explores the impact of maternal denial and invalidation on the healing process, and guides her client in recognizing the unique gifts of compassion and kindness that can emerge from traumatic experiences.

By the end of the session, Jen’s client has begun to tap into their inner strength, resilience, and capacity for kindness, armed with a renewed sense of hope and empowerment. This powerful video serves as a testament to the transformative potential of healing work, and offers inspiration and guidance for anyone seeking to overcome trauma and reclaim their power.

Quotable Quotes

“Take your power back. Your power is in shooting down that balloon.”

“No baby should deal with that.”

“What we’re doing is healing without having to go into the emotional aspects because emotionally, you don’t want to touch this.”

“If you see any people in the house, any violators, kick them out, get the police, get them out of your house.”

“Pour all this love and safety into the room, decorate it with colorful and safe things…”

“The mother’s bond is supposed to be sacred.”

“My sense is you have more anger towards her than the actual abuser. She’s the one supposed to keep you safe.”

“99% of humans on the planet right now don’t have a fraction of your compassion. That’s big.”

“Every time you pet your cats, every time you show kindness, own it. Be confident in your kindness. It’s amazing.”

“You teach me how to be kinder. Thank you for that.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:11:49 Visualizing the Abuse as a Balloon
00:18:57 Refurbishing the Psyche and Removing Chaos
00:21:25 Guided Visualization
00:37:14 Exploring the Identity of the Abuser
00:38:55 Discussing the Mother's Role and Denial
00:46:58 Tapping into Past Life Memories for Healing
00:50:50 Grinding Up Shattered Engrams
00:52:23 Saturating with the Milk of Human Kindness
00:53:11 Removing Echoes, Flecks, and Aberrations of Abuse
00:56:36 Recognizing the Gift of Compassion Born from Trauma
00:58:13 Assigning Homework and Expressing Gratitude
00:58:58 Closing Remarks and Goodbyes

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