Purifying the word of God

Participate in this transformative SFT tapping session to purify the sound frequency, align with higher consciousness, and uplift humanity by addressing weaponized rhetoric and restoring personal empowerment.


In a world where bombastic rhetoric and discordant malignancies often drown out the purity of truth, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward offer a powerful antidote through their transformative group SFT tapping sessions. Their latest event, “Purifying the Word of God,” delves deep into the concept of sound frequency as the twin aspect of the light of God, emphasizing the importance of aligning individual and universal sound frequencies with higher consciousness.

Recorded on the North American summer solstice, this session guides participants through a series of profound taps designed to address issues such as weaponized rhetoric, attacks on truth, and the restoration of personal empowerment. By purifying the sound frequency and extracting destructive elements, Jen and Marvin aim to uplift humanity and ignite universal empowerment, enabling individuals to tap into the subtle and transformative power of the sound of God.

Throughout the session, Jen and Marvin engage in insightful commentary, discussing the significance of the taps and the broader implications of their work. They remind us that humanity has already had all the experiences necessary to transcend and that embracing our God empowerment is crucial for personal and collective growth. With their unwavering commitment to these group tapping events, Marvin and Jen continue to create ripples of positive change, inviting us all to join them in the noble pursuit of purifying the word of God and uplifting humanity.

Quotable Quotes

“God is everything. Everything you see and everything you hear.”

“Individuals are basically an emanation of light in the frequency of sound woven together in the illusion of form.”

“The sound of God is really subtle, and it’s up to each individual to turn the volume up.”

“We’re purifying the word, the sound frequency with the intention of aligning it to the highest vantage point of source.”

“The one experience individuals on a spiritual path need to understand is, yes, embrace your God empowerment because every individual is a God being.”

“If you’re feeling the pain, if you’re feeling discombobulated, and you’re feeling bombarded by getting thrown from pillar to post with what’s going on in the world at the moment, do the taps.”

“If you don’t think it matters, what do you think cancer and poverty are a byproduct of? They’re a byproduct of not feeling your connectedness in the collective and doing everything you can to extract these issues from the lack of consciousness.”

“The more you understand this connection, the more you crave this empowerment.”

“Your sound frequency is your highest gift, and some people use that gift in very noble ways.”

“The gift of your voice is a pretty important concept, at least in my mind.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Context
00:03:13 The Twin Aspect of God
00:05:45 Doing Taps at Two Levels
00:13:21 Someone Out There is Asking
00:17:17 Mechanics of the Group Tapping Event
00:21:20 Beginning the Tapping Session
00:30:47 Commentary on Taps and Their Significance
00:41:15 Continuing the Tapping Session
01:05:00 The Importance of Purifying Institutions
01:07:58 Tapping Resumes with More Commentary
01:35:08 The Importance of Continuing These Events
01:39:03 Finding Evidence in Nature and Upcoming Events
01:41:50 Trump's Sentencing as a Portal for Accountability
01:43:17 Participants Share Their Experiences
01:51:18 Wrapping Up and Call to Action

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