Releasing generational shadows

Witness an empathic healing journey for a sensitive child, unfolding empathy’s power that nurture innate gifts.


In a profound session facilitated by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, the client seeks guidance and healing for her empathic son, who exhibits profound sensitivity to his environment. The session begins with Jen sharing a personal experience that mirrors the physical and emotional challenges the client’s son faces, suggesting an empathic connection that transcends the immediate scope of the session. This initiates a deep dive into the complexities of empathy, sensitivity, and their impact on children, particularly those like the client’s son, who navigate the world with an open heart and heightened emotional receptivity. The narrative unfolds as Jen proposes that these empathic experiences, while challenging, are avenues for profound healing and transformation, not just for the individual but potentially for others they are connected to energetically.

Throughout the session, Jen employs a series of SFT taps a methodological approach aimed at releasing negative energies, societal pressures, and emotional burdens. These taps are designed to empower the client’s son by mitigating the overwhelming sensations that arise from his acute sensitivity to the energies around him. The dialogue reveals a compassionate and nuanced understanding of the difficulties faced by empathic children, who often absorb the emotions and stresses of their surroundings. By addressing these issues head-on, Jen and the client work towards instilling a sense of empowerment, resilience, and self-protection in her son, equipping him with the spiritual tools necessary to navigate his empathic gifts more effectively.

The session transcends personal healing, touching on broader societal issues and dynamics that affect empathic individuals. Jen emphasizes the importance of shifting from a defensive stance to one of empowerment and advocacy for empathic children, challenging the societal norms and structures that often marginalize or misunderstand deep sensitivity. This conversation serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for parents, educators, and society at large to recognize and nurture the unique contributions of empathic individuals. By fostering an environment that values empathy and sensitivity as strengths rather than liabilities, Jen and the client pave the way for a more compassionate and understanding world, where children like Angela’s son can thrive without having to dim their intrinsic light.

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