Seduced into the nightmare

Explore the power of Dragon energy and the universal frequency of Ahhh in this showcasing of a Jenuine Healing private session.


This transformative Jenuine Healing private session delves deep into the journey of empowerment amidst life’s challenges. The episode begins by highlighting the importance of maintaining a higher vantage point to navigate through adult real-world issues that can easily derail your sense of empowerment. Through Jen Ward’s insightful guidance, the session underscores the crucial role of staying connected within the Jenuine Healing community and tapping into the universal source of energy to sustain empowerment.

As the session unfolds, an intriguing discussion emerges about the potential source of universal energy and empowerment being linked to Dragon energy. This concept, whether seen as a metaphor or a deeper truth, opens up a fascinating exploration of connecting with your Dragon body. This idea resonates deeply with many, suggesting that your human experience might be a mere facet of a vast Dragon universe. The session posits that embracing your Dragon selves can be a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles and redefining your experiences, offering a unique perspective on empowerment and the journey towards self-discovery.

The narrative then shifts to a practical application of these concepts. The session highlights how the empowerment gained through connecting with Dragon energy can be transformative, not just for the individual but also in their interactions with others. By awakening the Dragon bodies within yourself and others, there’s a profound potential for impact. Furthermore, the use of the universal sound “Ahhh” as a feminine representation of source energy brings a central focus to the session, emphasizing its importance in maintaining connection to higher consciousness and empowerment. This session, “Seduced into the Nightmare,” is not only a story of personal transformation but also an invitation to explore the depths of your universal connection and the power within you.

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