Shedding old vibrations

Embrace the shift in vibrations as a call to evolve, letting go of the old to welcome the new self emerging within.


In a profound session led by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a client’s narrative of personal upheaval—ranging from academic pressures to the breakdown of a marriage and even the mundane annoyance of a broken AC—serves as the catalyst for an exploration into the shifting tides of personal vibration and the necessity of shedding old patterns to embrace growth. Jen’s insightful interpretation reveals that what may initially appear as a series of unfortunate events is, in fact, a clear indication of a transformative shift in the individual’s vibrational frequency. The departure from what once was, symbolized by the malfunctioning AC and the end of certain relationships, is not punishment but a call to evolve, to let go of what no longer serves the new self emerging from within.

The conversation delves deeper into the mechanisms of spiritual evolution, emphasizing the importance of not reverting to past comforts but instead embracing the unfamiliar as a path to true freedom. Jen advises against the temptation to seek validation in old patterns and relationships, underscoring the significance of interaction within a supportive community as a means of learning and growth without judgment or defensiveness. This exchange mirrors a broader lesson on the spiritual journey: the movement towards freedom is not about becoming something ‘better’ but about releasing the binds that restrict one’s inherent perfection and boundlessness.

The session further explores the complex interplay between personal healing and collective energy dynamics, drawing attention to the subconscious imprints—engrams—that shape your perceptions and experiences. Jen elucidates how these imprints, if left unaddressed, can act as shackles, limiting your potential for spiritual liberation. Through a series of energy-clearing exercises, the dialogue illuminates the path towards not only recognizing but also transcending these imprints, thereby facilitating a deeper connection with one’s true essence and a more authentic expression of being. This journey of shedding old vibrations is portrayed as a necessary rite of passage on the road to spiritual awakening, inviting the listener to reflect on their own vibrational shifts and the opportunities for growth they herald.


00:00:00 Catching Up and Personal Updates
00:02:21 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth
00:06:48 Understanding and Interpreting Spiritual Messages
00:08:26 The Subtleties of Energy Healing and Consciousness
00:15:54 Parenting and Supporting Children's Spiritual Growth
00:24:55 Personal Reflections and Future Plans
00:26:17 Unveiling Dark Memories: A Journey Begins
00:26:27 A Triggering School Experience and Its Deeper Meanings
00:28:02 Releasing the Need to Honor the Dead
00:30:21 Overcoming the Fear of Losing Identity
00:37:59 Recanting Vows of Martyrdom, Servitude, and Obedience
00:41:55 Addressing Physical Reactions and Recanting Poverty
00:45:08 Renouncing Vows to External Powers and Forces
00:57:15 Concluding with Divine Love and Empowerment

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