Shedding the weight of maternal worries

Unlocking a path to liberation, this session delves into releasing deep-seated maternal worries and traumas for profound emotional healing.


In the deeply moving Jenuine Healing private session titled “Shedding the Weight of Maternal Worries,” world renowned energy healer Jen Ward facilitates a profound journey of emotional and spiritual healing for her client. The session intricately navigates through layers of inherited maternal anxieties, uncovering the burdens that have long been carried in silence. Through a series of powerful affirmations and energy work, Jen and the client work to release these heavy weights, aiming to liberate the client from the stifling grip of worry and fear that has been passed down through generations. This therapeutic process highlights the often-unseen impact of maternal worries on emotional well-being and the transformative power of acknowledging and addressing them.

As the session unfolds, it becomes evident that the scope of healing extends beyond just maternal concerns. The client is guided through the process of releasing guilt, trauma, and deeply ingrained fears associated with witnessing a murder scene, indicative of past traumatic experiences that have scarred her psyche. Jen’s empathetic approach creates a safe space for the client to confront these harrowing memories, facilitating a cathartic release. The repeated affirmations serve as a powerful tool for breaking the chains of these traumatic engrams, enabling a profound healing that touches on the core issues affecting the client’s mental and emotional health.

The session not only focuses on personal healing but also delves into the dynamics of the client’s family, addressing the complexities and challenges that arise within familial relationships. The healing journey encompasses the need to heal the family as a whole, recognizing the interconnectedness of their emotional well-being. Through Jen’s guidance, the client embarks on a path towards healing not just herself but also extending this healing energy to her family members. “Shedding the Weight of Maternal Worries” is a testament to the transformative power of energy healing in transcending personal and familial traumas, paving the way for a future filled with hope, liberation, and emotional freedom.


00:00:00 Letting Go of Worries and Transgressions
00:01:41 Confronting and Releasing Deep-Seated Traumas
00:03:26 Addressing Nightmares and Fears
00:03:50 Buddy's Role in Healing and Release
00:04:42 Escaping Emotional Hell
00:12:47 Releasing Anger, Jealousy, and Control
00:17:40 Navigating Difficult Emotions with a Young Participant
00:21:01 Diving into Deep Emotional Release Work
00:36:53 Confronting and Releasing Hate
00:38:23 Releasing Negative Emotions and Intentions
00:42:20 Addressing and Dissipating Negative Trajectories
00:47:03 Fostering Understanding and Control Over Impulses
00:53:21 Healing and Protecting Relationships
00:55:21 Transforming Future Trajectories and Healing
01:10:42 Parenting Insights and Spiritual Empowerment
01:17:46 Concluding Reflections and Gratitude

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