Stop being a professional abuse victim

Embrace your healing journey. Release past traumas, reclaim your power, and step into a life of freedom and joy with energy healing.


In a deeply transformative private session with world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, a client embarked on a journey to confront and release the deeply ingrained identity of being a “professional abuse victim.” Through candid conversations and revelations, Jen and the client uncovered layers of unresolved trauma, underscoring the importance of consistent self-work beyond the healing sessions. The session highlighted the necessity of engaging in daily energetic cleanses and embracing empowerment as a pathway to personal growth and healing, signaling a shift towards taking active responsibility for one’s healing journey.

As the session progressed, Jen employed her signature method of tapping and energetic cleanses to address and release the client’s profound entanglements with abuse, neglect, and deeply rooted fears. Through a series of powerful SFT taps, the client was guided to relinquish the comfort found in familiar pain, confusion between abuse and love, and the overwhelming desire to escape life’s burdens. This process was not only about healing the present but also about confronting and resolving traumas from past lifetimes, illustrating the complex tapestry of the soul’s journey and the intricate work required to untangle it.

The healing session culminated in a profound exploration of the client’s energy field, identifying and clearing past life traumas and engrams that have been perpetuating cycles of fear, abuse, and self-doubt. Through Jen’s empathetic guidance, the client embarked on a path of reclaiming their sound frequency, light emanation, and inherent worth, stepping into a space of empowerment and self-realization. This session serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power of energy healing, encouraging individuals to embrace their journey with courage, dedication, and an open heart, ultimately leading to a life of freedom, joy, and deep spiritual fulfillment.


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