Tapping into your multidimensional potential

Unlock profound healing and universal empowerment through energy work, aligning with divine love and higher consciousness for transformative growth.


In this enlightening Jenuine Healing private session led by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, the transformative power of energy healing is brought to the forefront, demonstrating its crucial role in personal and collective consciousness elevation. Jen’s expertise in navigating the intricate web of energy blockages, traumas, and multidimensional issues is highlighted through her intuitive guidance and the application of her unique tapping protocols. These protocols are designed not only to release these blockages but also to align individuals with a higher state of consciousness, paving the way for profound healing and empowerment on both a personal and universal level.

The session delves into the complex dynamics of community interactions and the importance of approaching spiritual achievements with humility. Jen emphasizes the need for individuals to share their spiritual experiences with discernment, ensuring that their journey uplifts and supports others rather than overshadowing or alienating them. This approach fosters a nurturing environment where all members of the community can thrive and contribute to the collective journey towards higher consciousness.

Furthermore, the dialogue explores the concept of aligning your energy work with the divine love of higher consciousness, which serves as a beacon for universal upliftment. By focusing on healing the heart, reclaiming wholeness across all realms, and embodying the divine love of higher consciousness, individuals can profoundly impact their own lives and the world around them. This Jenuine Healing private session offers invaluable insights into the power of energy healing as a tool for personal transformation and a catalyst for global change, encouraging participants to embrace their journey towards empowerment and enlightenment.

Quotable Quotes

“So if you want to show the expansiveness of who you are to Jenuine Healing, this is how you do it by offering them something that helps them. Not by documenting the journey of being fractured.”

“So instead of thinking about your experiences when you share, think about what the listener needs to hear to help build them up. Not scare them.”

“You chose the camouflage of an insignificant human right now to be able to do the work that you need to do to uplift humanity from the bottom up.”

“And these things are not human. They’re like an energy, all these things that devastated you. You’re taking people to those trajectories.”

“And try to restrain from having compassion for him because he knows how to pull your strengths and if you show him compassion, he will use it as an open door to walk in and start being a dysfunctional partner again.”

“They’re learning from it. And they’re learning what not to do in energy. And you’re strong enough to handle whatever I say to you as far as learning because you know it’s done with love.”


00:00:00 Checking In On Recent Taps
00:01:57 Navigating Sharing Multidimensional Experiences
00:05:58 Conveying Information vs. Pulling Into Vibrations
00:06:43 Outgrowing Past Life Accomplishments
00:11:26 Releasing Digressing to Past Personalities
00:13:41 Releasing Subscribing to Outer Camouflage
00:16:29 Love Will Keep Us Alive
00:20:21 Deflecting Hits to the Heart
00:25:16 A Shattered Energy System
00:28:20 Individuals Operating From Fractured Pieces
00:30:54 Repairing the Prism of Higher Consciousness
00:32:26 Releasing Reliving Being Shattered
00:38:10 Realigning the Energetic Self, Ego and Heart Vessel
00:41:54 Concluding the Session
00:42:12 Navigating Divorce Dynamics

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