The emotional journey of a dog

Explore Schneider the dog’s emotional journey, past traumas, and healing process. Dive into the human-animal bond, war connections, and the power of love and gratitude.


Join Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward as we delve into the emotional journey of Schneider, a beloved dog, and his owner. Discover the deep-rooted traumas and anxieties that Schneider carries from his past, including the loss of his litter mates and the feeling of being left behind.

Through SFT tapping and heartfelt conversations, witness the healing process unfold and the valuable insights into the human-animal bond. As we explore the connections between war, past lives, and the burdens carried, you will gain a profound understanding of the transformative power of love and gratitude. Join us on this emotional roller coaster as we navigate the complexities of healing and find solace in the unconditional love of our furry companions.

Show notes

  1. Introduction
    • Brief overview of the episode’s topic: healing trauma and building trust with your pet.
    • Mention that the episode features a transcript of a podcast session.
  2. Understanding the Emotional Needs of Your Pet
    • Importance of recognizing and addressing the emotional needs of your pet.
    • Discussion on the positive approach to addressing emotional issues.
  3. Uncovering Trauma in Your Pet
    • Exploring the emotional journey of a pet named Schneider.
    • Discussion on the impact of past experiences on a pet’s behavior and emotions.
  4. Healing Trauma and Rebuilding Trust
    • Tapping into Schneider’s emotions and helping him release stress and sadness.
    • Techniques for helping your pet heal from trauma and rebuild trust.
    • The importance of providing comfort and reassurance through plush toys and creating a safe space.
  5. Managing Separation Anxiety
    • Understanding Schneider’s fear of being separated from his owner.
    • Tips for managing separation anxiety in pets, including creating a cozy and secure environment.
  6. Exploring Past Life Connections
    • Discovering a potential past life connection between Schneider’s owner and war experiences.
    • Discussion on the impact of past life connections on present-day emotions and behaviors.
  7. Releasing Guilt and Burdens
    • Addressing feelings of guilt and survivors’ remorse in Schneider and his owner.
    • Tapping techniques to release guilt and burdens associated with past experiences.
  8. Finding Closure and Moving Forward
    • Seeking closure for Schneider’s past experiences and trauma.
    • Discussion on the importance of closure and letting go of the past.
  9. The Power of Gratitude and Affirmations
    • Introducing a dog prayer and gratitude practice for Schneider and his owner.
    • Discussion on the power of gratitude and affirmations in healing and building trust.
  10. Recognizing Personal Trauma and Seeking Support
    • Recognizing personal trauma in Schneider’s owner and the need for self-healing.
    • Encouragement to seek support and consider personal sessions for further healing.
  11. Conclusion
    • Recap of the main points discussed in the episode.
    • Encouragement to connect with the host and access additional resources.

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