The emotional journey of a dog

Explore Schneider the dog’s emotional journey, past traumas, and healing process. Dive into the human-animal bond, war connections, and the power of love and gratitude.


In this video, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider showcase a Jenuine Healing private session that explores the intricate emotional landscape of a dachshund named Schneider, revealing a tale that transcends time, species, and the physical realm. This pet healing session delves into Schneider’s profound sadness and separation anxiety, stemming from a shift from constant companionship during a family vacation to the routine separation of daily life. Jen uncovers the core issues at play, including emotional trauma, abandonment, anxiety, fear, and a significant past life connection that binds Schneider, his human family, and their collective experiences across lifetimes.

Jen Ward’s unique healing approach brings to light a past life scenario where Schneider, alongside his human companions, experienced the camaraderie and trauma of war. Schneider’s choice to reincarnate as a dog, driven by his past life traumas, reflects a soul’s yearning for safety and the love of his companions. This session highlights the interconnectedness of souls across lifetimes, demonstrating how past life experiences and relationships shape our present realities and emotional landscapes. Through Jen’s guidance, the session offers not only healing for Schneider but also profound insights into the nature of soul connections, love, and the enduring bonds that transcend our physical existence.

The healing journey does not stop at understanding and releasing past life traumas; it also addresses Schneider’s current life challenges, such as anxiety and the feeling of failure to protect his littermates. Through SFT tapping protocols and Jen’s intuitive guidance, Schneider and his family embark on a path to emotional healing, understanding, and acceptance. This episode is a testament to the power of love, the intricacies of soul journeys, and the possibility of healing that extends beyond the individual to touch the collective consciousness. It’s a reminder of the depth of our connections with our pets, the spiritual lessons they bring, and the transformative power of acknowledging and healing our shared pasts.

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