Transcending past life connections

Experience this profound energy healing session revealing the power of past life connections and the healing journey through energetic work, guided by the empathetic Jen Ward.


In a deeply transformative session with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a client delves into the intricate web of past life connections, exploring the profound impact these ties have on her present life. This exploration begins unexpectedly during a personal healing ceremony that wasn’t planned, indicating the spontaneous nature of deep spiritual work. The client, amidst the stress of impending finals and unfinished art projects, finds herself compelled to call upon their soul, guides, and any benevolent forces, initiating a powerful internal ceremony. This act of reaching inward highlights the session’s focus on self-initiated healing and the acknowledgment of unseen support systems that guide and assist us on our journey.

As the session unfolds, Jen’s guidance brings to light the client’s powerful energetic presence, which initially overwhelms the technological medium of their communication. This incident underscores the tangible effects of energy work, not just on the spiritual or emotional plane but manifesting in the physical world, challenging both healer and client to adapt and recalibrate. The conversation reveals the client’s deep-seated connections to past life experiences, spanning across cultures and epochs, notably feudal Japan. These revelations prompt a series of SFT taps designed to release, heal, and complete unresolved issues carried over from these past lives, illustrating the layered complexity of individual karma and the interconnectedness of all beings.

This session is a testament to the transformative power of acknowledging and working through past life traumas. Through Jen Ward’s empathetic guidance, the client engages in a comprehensive cleansing process, addressing not just personal grievances but also the collective trauma of historical events, from the atrocities of war to the spiritual dissonance caused by misalignment with your truth. The intricate process of energetically untangling from these past narratives showcases the profound healing that occurs when you are willing to confront and release the pains of the past, paving the way for a future rooted in divine love, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of the self’s multidimensional nature.


00:00:00 A Sudden Healing Ceremony
00:00:44 The Stress of Finals and Art Projects
00:02:17 A Deep Dive into Healing and Energy Work
00:05:19 Exploring Artistic Expression and Dream Journals
00:08:54 Family Sessions and Personal Growth
00:11:10 A Journey Through Past Lives and Energetic Cleanses
00:23:12 Releasing and Healing from Historical Traumas
00:29:25 Identifying Past Life Connections
00:32:30 Exploring Historical Connections and Cleansing Rituals
00:35:04 Diving into the Complexities of War and Identity
00:36:12 Energetic Cleanses with Historical Figures and Events
00:40:26 A Shift to Pop Culture References and Cleansing
00:52:50 Addressing War Crimes and Propaganda
01:04:24 Concluding Thoughts on Healing and Research

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