Transcending suffering

Jen Ward guides her client through a transformative healing journey using SFT tapping, releasing past life pain and limiting beliefs to align with divine love.


In this deeply transformative private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides her client through a powerful healing journey using Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping. The client, who has been struggling with persistent health issues despite years of personal work, discovers how past life experiences and limiting vows have been keeping her stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering.

Through Jen’s intuitive guidance and expert facilitation, the client begins to release the engrams of pain that have been stored in her Akashic Records. By recanting vows of martyrdom, self-deprecation, and confusing pain with spirituality, the client starts to shift her energy and align with divine love.

This session serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of practicing spiritual law and the transformative potential of SFT tapping. By addressing the root causes of our suffering and releasing limiting beliefs, we can transcend our pain and embark on a path of true healing and personal growth.

Quotable Quotes

“And you’re tired. You’re so freaking tired. It’s not a physical tired, it’s just you’re tired of existing.”

“This is how what a beautiful spirit you are. This is how much love you have.”

“Love doesn’t mean you take on the violation. Love means that you raise your consciousness so no other being is ever violated again.”

“Stop seeing it as a negative when it’s actually a positive. You are gifted with higher consciousness and it’s like you’re, you’re seeing it as a fault and it’s not.”

“Your Akashic Records are just pure pain, you’re just inundating me with all these engrams of pain.”

“If you knew the answers, you wouldn’t be in pain. So I’m telling you more and I’m, I’m sharing with you because I see how aware you are.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Initial Release
00:02:28 Violating Spiritual Law as a Practitioner
00:06:24 The Impact of an Angry Energy Healer
00:10:15 Being Violated and Sucked Dry by Practitioners
00:12:01 Releasing Trauma from Past Lives
00:16:47 Exploring Choice to Not Have Children
00:22:34 Elevating Others and Removing Curses
00:26:56 Praying for Pain and Suffering
00:31:44 Recanting Vows of Martyrdom and Solitude
00:38:01 Releasing the Burden of Taking on Jesus's Pain
00:42:27 Being the Best at Enduring the Worst
00:47:41 Releasing Being Defensive and Forced to Fight
00:53:07 Trusting the Enemy to Heal Us
00:55:40 Recanting Vows of Celibacy and Chastity
00:58:22 Centering in Divine Love and Homework
01:02:59 The Quid Pro Quo Approach to Healing
01:06:23 Fighting the Shifts and Resistance to the Process
01:08:17 Reflections on the Session and Gratitude

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