Transcending them versus us

Participate in this group SFT tapping event to transcend divisiveness and promote compassion, service, and living with purpose for personal and collective empowerment.


In this thought-provoking group SFT tapping event, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward delve into the core issue of the “them versus us” mindset that plagues humanity. Using the powerful celestial portal of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20, 2024, they perform a series of SFT tapping affirmations aimed at transcending divisiveness, hate, and selfishness while promoting kindness, compassion, and living with purpose.

Throughout the event, Jen and Marvin emphasize the importance of altruism and service for personal happiness and the evolution of human consciousness. They argue that the prime directive of human existence is giving and serving others rather than taking for self-happiness, and that a fundamental shift in perspective from taking to giving is necessary to uplift all of humanity into higher consciousness.

The tapping affirmations performed in the video address a wide range of topics, from dissipating hate and vitriol to promoting gratitude, respect, and service. Jen and Marvin also engage in thought-provoking discussions on topics such as nefarious actors, victimhood, and the purpose of life. Ultimately, they invite viewers to imagine a world where all 8 billion people live with passion and purpose, emphasizing that this seemingly lofty goal is not only attainable but essential for the evolution of humanity.

Quotable Quotes

“Nefarious actors are really good at playing the victim, and it’s ugly, disgusting energy.”

“If you want to be happy in life, life is about service, service to others, either to nature or to animals or to people or whatever. Anything that can get yourself outside of the self is where happiness is, and everything else is ego.”

“Imagine if 8 billion people just made that shift to shifting their perspective from what they do on a daily day-to-day basis from taking in to outflowing then the observance of 8 billion people living in higher consciousness with their passion and purpose for abundance, health and success would be an observed and realized observance across all of humanity.”

“It’s actually quite a fairly simple thing in visualization when you’re completely… Well, when you’re not high.”

“And a lot of people think that [world peace] is just a bullshit goal, that it can’t be realized because the base nature of humanity is such that it won’t do that. I disagree.”

“I honestly don’t know what is so hard about that.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Celestial Portal
00:02:47 Exploring the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction
00:04:59 The Significance of Planetary Alignments
00:07:18 Addressing the 'Them Versus Us' Mindset
00:08:25 Beginning of SFT Taps
00:38:34 Discussion on Nefarious Actors and Victimhood
00:42:02 The Hammurabi Code and Its Impact
00:45:17 Releasing Triggers and Entrenched Issues
00:48:04 Transforming War Energy and Selfishness
00:52:36 Debunking Selfish Pursuits and Shifting Perspectives
00:57:27 Cleansing Humanity of Corruption
01:03:31 Promoting Altruism, Kindness, and Compassion
01:05:14 Embracing Altruistic Living and Purpose
01:14:02 Infusing Gratitude and Realignment with Purpose
01:17:56 Reflections on Service, Happiness, and Empowerment

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