Turning worries into wisdom

Discover how converting worry into positive energy through creative visualization and how song can unlock deep healing and spiritual freedom.


In the enlightening session titled “Turning Worries into Wisdom,” world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides a client through a transformative healing journey, aimed at transcending the bounds of worry and harnessing the innate power of creativity and intuition for healing. Throughout the session, Jen introduces a myriad of innovative techniques, including the Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, imaginative visualization, and the power of song, each designed to convert the energy consumed by worry into a force for positive change and self-healing. By encouraging the client to imagine her white blood cells as Pac-Man characters devouring negativity, or visualizing weather patterns to flush away concerns, Jen taps into the profound potential of creative thought to influence physical well-being.

A central theme of the session is the transformative power of singing and music, which Jen positions as a direct channel to tapping into divine energy. She encourages the client to sing to her body parts, nurturing them with motherly energy, and to see every song as a dual act of worship to God and a love letter to every cell of her body. This practice is not just a method of healing but a profound spiritual exercise that redefines the act of singing as a medium for connecting with the divine, thereby cutting through the noise of everyday worries and grounding the individual in the present.

“Turning Worries into Wisdom” is not just a healing session; it’s a testament to the power of empathy, creativity, and spiritual connection in the journey toward wellness. Jen Ward’s guidance offers more than just a series of techniques; it provides a pathway to transforming anxiety and fear into avenues for personal growth and healing. Through imaginative visualization, singing, and a deep connection to one’s spiritual self, this session illuminates the potential within each individual to become their own healer, using their worries as stepping stones to a more enlightened, healthy, and harmonious life.


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