Unburdening the soul

Explore a journey of healing that releases deep-seated burdens, finding true self, and overcoming life’s battles with Jen Ward’s guidance.


In this Jenuine Healing private session, world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward facilitates a transformative experience for her client, diving deep into the layers of emotional, physical, and spiritual burdens that have weighed heavily upon her. Through a series of powerful SFT taps, energy work, and sound healing, Jen guides the client through the process of releasing these deep-seated weights, symbolized by feelings of being “taxed to the bone,” affronted, and losing a sense of self. This session is not just about healing from the pains of the present but also involves addressing ancestral and past-life traumas that echo through the client’s current experiences, adding a profound depth to the healing journey.

The session unfolds as a compassionate exploration of the client’s struggles, with Jen using her intuitive gifts to identify and address the core issues that have been obstructing the client’s path to true freedom and self-realization. Themes of external conflict, identity restoration, and the burden of emotional taxation are intricately woven through the session, as Jen employs a variety of therapeutic techniques to facilitate the client’s release from these chains. It’s a process that mirrors the universal quest for inner peace and liberation from the unseen forces that shape our lives and experiences.

“Unburdening the Soul” stands as a testament to the power of energy healing to transform lives, offering listeners a glimpse into the profound changes that are possible with Jen Ward. The session is a beacon of hope for those feeling overwhelmed by life’s battles, reminding us of the potential to emerge lighter, stronger, and more authentically ourselves. Through the client’s journey, listeners are invited to reflect on their own paths, recognizing the possibility of liberation and the importance of seeking guidance to navigate the complex process of healing and self-discovery.


00:00:00 Opening Conversation and Setting the Tone
00:02:06 Soothing Through Song: A Healing Interlude
00:03:04 Addressing and Dissolving Past Traumas
00:08:19 Empowering Through Vibrational Healing
00:11:43 Exploring the Depths of Personal and Collective Healing
00:19:02 Navigating the Complexities of Spiritual Growth
00:27:23 Liberating from Past Life Engrams and Religious Constraints
00:29:33 Embracing Freedom and Higher Consciousness
00:33:18 Confronting and Releasing Obligations
00:36:02 Releasing Obligations and Desertion
00:42:07 Defending and Embracing Your Truth
00:49:16 Empowering Motherhood and Self-Nurturing
01:00:04 Embracing Motherhood Beyond Limitations
01:02:09 Concluding Thoughts on Empowerment and Support

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