Unleashing inner power

Jen Ward guides a profound journey of liberation, awakening your true potential through energy healing and community support.


In a deeply transformative session titled “Unleashing Inner Power,” world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward, navigates the profound journey of a client seeking to break free from the confines of her own limitations and societal expectations. This session epitomizes the essence of Jen’s healing philosophy, focusing on the liberation of the self from the shackles of imposed identities and the awakening of your true potential. The conversation reveals the client’s struggles with academic pressures and self-doubt, highlighting a pivotal moment where she discovers the power of independent thought and self-belief through an academic test. This realization marks the beginning of his path toward self-empowerment and intellectual freedom.

As the session unfolds, Jen delves into the intricacies of energy healing, employing her unique techniques to address the client’s deep-seated issues. The dialogue transitions into a broader discussion about the importance of community and shared experiences in overcoming feelings of isolation and self-imposed limitations. Jen’s insights into the nature of enslavement through isolation and the power of collective healing illuminate the path toward spiritual and emotional liberation. The session becomes a conduit for healing not just for the individual but for the collective, challenging the norms that bind us and opening a gateway to a more interconnected and empathetic existence.

The culmination of the session sees Jen and the client navigating the complexities of personal trauma, societal expectations, and the intricate web of energies that influence your life. Through a series of powerful energy clearing techniques, Jen assists the client in releasing the burdens of past traumas, societal conditioning, and the oppressive energies of unseen forces. This part of the session underscores the transformative power of energy healing in reclaiming one’s sovereignty over their own life and destiny. The client emerges from the session empowered, with a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer understanding of his own potential, marking a significant step towards true spiritual freedom and self-realization.


00:00:00 Opening Remarks and Reflecting on Past Sessions
00:04:38 Addressing Energetic Challenges and the Importance of Sharing
00:08:12 Navigating Personal Growth and Breaking Karmic Ties
00:13:08 Deep Dive into Energetic Cleansing and Breaking Negative Ties
00:18:07 Expanding the Healing Process to Address Systemic Issues
00:22:42 Exploring the Depths of Energetic Healing and Empowerment
00:25:10 Confronting and Overcoming the Influence of the Despot
00:34:48 Reflecting on Early Days and the Power of Deep Work
00:38:04 Addressing Deep-Rooted Issues and Introducing New Protocols
00:47:01 Exploring the Connection Between Physical and Emotional Healing
01:02:09 Introducing the Concept of the Karmic Conglomerate
01:06:22 Expanding the Healing Process to Include Family Dynamics
01:09:09 Addressing Personal Guilt and Shame in the Healing Journey
01:18:12 Concluding Thoughts and the Importance of Sharing the Healing Journey

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